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Small thermonuclear devise install.

Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
hey guys look, you all know that i might be kinda good at this hydronic stuff by now. so, i been thinking of building a small thermonuclear devise in my back yard...nothing Big , just something tho keep the heat and lights on in my home for the next twenty thirty years. I am not a Rich man so i would like any advise on the procurement of maybe something in the 12 kw Range. piping it would be a snap.i got most of Sundays off after 5- 6 oclock...so it shouldnt take me very long before i got it up and running. only is is i dont know where a guy such as myself would find one of them...i feel relatively sure that it cant be all that expensive to get one lashed up.I Got most the tools...Who is making them these days? dont worry about a few missing pieces i got PLANTY of spare parts on theold boilers and cars and pickups in the yard...i have some nice 4" flanged rising stems id like to use on the Header...coupla steam tube heat exchangers and countless transformers to help rectify the current. i live so far off the beaten path as it were thta we seldom see any scrap parts for nuclear powerplants Helicopters yes nuclear powerplants no :(I got some Gert Hugemongus Gages that i think would work to help monitor the supercooled water..i think i could readjust them with a Mapp gas torch to get the things to read in the7-800 ¡ãF catagory it cant be allThat difficult.Does Honeywell make a controler?that sorta works on one of these devises?what kinda cheapest containment tank can i get for the particulates that fall out the system over time? i was Thinking of going Hdpe or maybe Pex aluminum pex to pipe the return water s..the aluminum can stay together around 12 -1800 ¡ãF ,right? i seen people dry fire boilers and it cant be much worse than that...the only part that i have some reserve over is the effect it might have on the neighbours Kids,if they drank any water down stream of my setteling pond. Please help me out Guys I Know you seen my work and will follow your advise to the letter...well,if i dont have That part I will hook up one of the Magic brain boxes outta my 78! i never could figure why they had to go messing with points and condensors and come up with some weird thing like that any way, i got lots of them... the secrets of running an automobile without one, have been Revealed to me Personnaly . well i hope that gives you all something to think about Before You go to Sleep at Night! can you provide me with a internet link ? i try on e-bay buh all that computer stuf f is way too confusing to me, the Weezbo :)


  • Constantin
    Constantin Member Posts: 3,796
    The funny thing is...

    ...the Chinese and MIT are developing similar reactors as we speak. Comparatively, tiny nukes that are supposed to be inherently safe, etc. All based on the Pebble technology that was put out to pasture previously.

    At some point, the DoE funded mini-nukes for home use (at least according to one of my former Professors). Think air-bearings for the turbine, and the waste heat could be used to heat the place. As an added benefit, you'd never have any trouble finding your house, or your spouse in the dark and you'd enjoy big, juicy tomatoes from your garden too!

    Besides, why bother with birth control when you can be naturally sterile! Think of how grateful your spouse will be when all her hair falls out and she no longer has to take care of her hair or shave her legs for that matter. A future with a little nuclear pile in the backyard is bright indeed.

    I can just see the internet copy: "Alpine Air is happy to offer mini-nukes at factory-direct prices! As luck would have it, our supplier got first dibs on the Yucca mountain deposits and we're happy to pass the savings on to you! Once you've watched our one-hour installation video, you can do most of the work yourself. Simply get as far as you can, then call your local friendly nuclear engineer to do the final wiring and hookups".
  • Dean_7
    Dean_7 Member Posts: 192

    Would it fit next to my home made X-ray machine I don't seem to have enough power.
  • imatellerslie
    imatellerslie Member Posts: 111
    nuclear jet engine

    you know, at one time, the air force developed a nuclear jet engine. it had great endurance, but pretty severe consequences if there was a breach of the fuel...damned radioactive stuff sprayed all over the landscape.
  • Vaughn Hill
    Vaughn Hill Member Posts: 12

    NO JOKE, This site has all the info you'll will need to build your reactor. But the site is often down so you may have to keep checking back to see if its up and running.
  • Uni R
    Uni R Member Posts: 663
    Dig a big hole...

    Instead of digging a foundation for that reactor after 6pm on Sundays, why don't you just concentrate on digging a hole straight down? The farther down you can dig the better, cuz eventually it's going to hit 10,000 degrees. When it gets too hot to dig, just leave a HX down there and then pipe down to it and back. I think Tekmar has a special controller for 'core' heating applications. Send us pix!!!
  • David_5
    David_5 Member Posts: 250
    How to books

    Check out the books section. Look for "We've got fission" and "The lost Art of Nuclear energy". They'll have everything you'll need to know.

  • Paul Rohrs_2
    Paul Rohrs_2 Member Posts: 171
    Can I get

    "Limited Cooling" with that, oh , and some fries.


  • Uni R
    Uni R Member Posts: 663
    Speaking of cooling...

    Toronto keeps discussing a mega project to use the cool deep water of Lake Ontario to air condition the downtown office buildings. Interesting idea...
  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    Well Now , Thats what i call prompt reply:)

    Its good to see the variety of ideas presented to me,The Weezbo,by some sharp cookies.I know you were reluctant at first to release the information or divulge the sources of the information,to Me. Dont worry though , my friends in the early 60's went to work for Uncle Sam and are fully versed in the pioloting of nuclear powered submarines and i have faith that they could fix justa bout anything that didnt fire off right away.I am also a Hellova lectrician:) the meggeas were down at the research tracking center a coupla decades back, i offered to fire up two of them for the use of the third to do a small experiment,make a rail gun to shoot a turtle into space suspended in liquid oxygen :) then 5 small motorized tools to repair pieces on sattalites... this peeked the guys interest as i seemingly knew howta makem GO :)and it did seem like a fairly scientifc endeavour to him :)....within a bout one year or so an accelerator rail gun was exhibited on television that could shoot ceramic blocks through plate steel:) My buddy said hey i Just seen that cannon you were thinking of building On T.V.! so it seems due to the scientist hemmin and hawing over the whole deal and after basically walking him through every step of the start up he went and got a lower bidder! The Sunza....well Thats been done now..so i need a new project:)The plate exchanger has a Lot of merit:) Alaska has also Lotsa Geo thermal fizzures that could indeed be used to supply energy..Up here in North Pole Though that would be a lotta Diggin :)i dont think id get anywhere near close by Monday morning.However i will take the well thought out responce into consideration..An Thank you once again:) I sorta like The engeneering reply from Constantine...A guys gotta have a good engineer helping twist somma the tools on a deal like this:) Because for one thing fish that howl in the moonlight with three eyes might evolve get outta the setteling pond and Get me!....Sterilizing the neighbours Kids might be ok,...I just dont know....It Might be a Good thing...At this time i think i will have to take it under advisement..it seems like a Grey Area...Really i can hardly thank all of you enough. Id like to say That ididnt find Any of you arrogant or unwilling to proffer a different perspective or point of view...You were all quite helpful and Thanks for the link Vaughn. as you can see,i am not intimidated by big fancy machines....i can pipe anything ! and With the Book the one hour tape I am On It! i am Fearless:)
  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    Dean...I heard ...

    that if you fire onea deeze things up in a few years youCan SeeThrough Walls:)You dont even Need the X- ray machine at All! really, its that good. I think there some small side effects nothing serious some glowing in the dark issues and maybe not having to get a haircut for a while...
  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    I honestly recall that....

    My opinion was to shoot a coupla these babys into space empty out the spent fuel rods and radioactive wastes shoot them out there and fill the skys,at night, with a Fresh green light:) sorta use them to spread the wealth a bit in the outer ionosphere:) that would camoflauge our planet from sun light and decrease global warming.
  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    Not available with out Heat exchangers....Sorry ....

    i know it breaks your heart to hear that...and while there is indeed some reliable scientific information that indeed legonella doesnt like 700 to 800 ¡ãF water, the coolant could be used to change various gasses to provide some degree of cooling, it cost quite a bit...and im sorry at this time i cannot verify any real way to do this with out a heat exchanger...
  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    Thank You. *~/ :)

    I appreciate the reading referal...never read a book i didnt get something out of :) and i also likethe positive up beat vibe i got,from your post, not some negative downward bummer vibe:)
  • Leo G_99
    Leo G_99 Member Posts: 223
    I'm wondering...

    did Philly Phrank move to Alaska????

    Leo G
  • John Conway
    John Conway Member Posts: 64
    inspirational thread

    Great idea - I'm dismantling the gas burner in the basement this weekend; I'll let you guys know how the thermonuclear pile goes early next week. Should resolve all my CO & asbestos concerns.... And you pros think us diy homeowners are slackers!

    For those interested in another such experiment, check out the story at NPR.ORG, "The Radioactive Boy Scout" (more or less), less you think this thread is entire fantasy.

    This is a book I really need to read....
  • Mike22
    Mike22 Member Posts: 3
    nuke in back yard..

    nuclear jet engines...? next thing you know you will be saying they were built in largest concret hanger in world with underground research labs and people walking around in those little white coats or something with fuel rods that give that bluish glow ... but u have an idea... get one of those NASA reactors that they use to power their satelites...wow...that would be cool...and you would be the talk of the town when everyone else's house is black... look, that guy has power, his house is warm and comfy, it is run by Nuclear power while our tanks are empty, lets kill him and his family and take it over so we can enjoy the warmth... that is exactly why I love America.. cause all those flippen tree huggers that shut the nukes down, one day we will be in the dark, the oil will be sucked empty, the barrel empty and no heat or lights... but remember their name is on the membership of the tree hugging oraganizations they belonged too, that is when we strike for revenge, we rip their pansy gun scared to own ****'s out of their homes and use them for food! Thats why I love it when they sign up for all those magazines and petitions...names and address's baby... names and address's.. one day... their butts will be in my kettle, the first time my house and family are cold and hungry I pull the list from my drawer!
  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    So, with 365 million acres in this state...

    i gotta kinda feel that Alaska could place some top of the line plants, And not have to worry about being in anyones Back yard ,And use 2005 technology ,and send the KW south thru transmission line with out a bunch of rubarb ...:)
    theres enough uranium around here ...ask any miner. and coal...? we could pipe trillions of tons of the stuff outta here....nah something else is at work.....and likely it has an entirely seperate agenda...i read a book once i think it was called Idiots never unite.
    the point being ,when there is a unified front and accurate information is presented things will change.
  • BillW@honeywell
    BillW@honeywell Member Posts: 1,099
    Cornell University...

    already does that. Their system was featured in ASHRAE Journal a couple years ago. They sank an intake into the lake, which is about 300 feet deep. They pump the water thru a heat exchanger, and back into the lake again. Even running those big pumps was less costly than the old centrifugal chillers they used to use. I don't recall how many buildings on the campus they cool with this system.
  • Geno_15
    Geno_15 Member Posts: 158
    what do you think

    we are going to do with all of these rods that aren't being used at the Nuke Plants?? Soon we will be called N.H.V.A.C.R. techs.

    And to who started this thread with the title, thank you, now the CIA, FBI, SS, and Homeland Security have their eyes on this site. That was a real attention grabber.
  • Kal Row
    Kal Row Member Posts: 1,520
    why build one - when one is already shining on you....

    all you need is to excavate you whole back yard and pour yourself a 30,0000 gal holding tank - so that you can store enough of it for the cloudy days - oh yeah, you will need to be on radiant that uses 110f supply - otherwise you need a liquid chiller/heater heatpump you can use the solar water on
  • ed wallace
    ed wallace Member Posts: 1,613
    nuke in backyard

    just start a smoke detector recycling program recovery the amercam? isotopes or better yet get in touch with that company in texas that lost a shipment for 4 months turned up in Chealsea Ma.
  • S Ebels
    S Ebels Member Posts: 2,322
    Thanks Weez..........SE

    I needed a smile after today.......... Nothing serious, just a job that took too long, didn't go well, got screwed up..........you've been there.

    It was refreshing to laugh at your irrational verbosity, your obtuse view of things in general and the thought of everyone with their own private reactor sitting in the backyard.

    BTW put a spinner knob on the wheel of that 4" rising stem. Helps to be able to open and close fast when the pile runs away.
  • t. tekushan
    t. tekushan Member Posts: 141
    you may need

    one of these high voltage rectifiers for the X ray component.

    Notice the water lines to be directly hooked to the hydronic heating!

    Also may have a containment-- very sturdy, ceramic and steel, heavy enough-- says "speed queen" on it.
  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    Wahkari masta Tek Ku san.

    Send six :)
    they look simple enough to install *~/:)
    do you have any information on their temp and flow charateristics? I think that even if they only give me a mild green glow ...They appear to be worth the dollar.
    Domo arigato ..<;)
  • t. tekushan
    t. tekushan Member Posts: 141
    5 more

    5 more could be dug up... shipping expensive, what with lead shielding being so heavy and all.

    might need additional containment code named "maytag" for some reason.

    Flow rate: "adequate"
  • t. tekushan
    t. tekushan Member Posts: 141

    New product announcement:

    New Limelite nightlites-- Plug them in and they spin your meter backwards!

    Caution: maintain safe distance
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