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The love of this community

A HUGE thank you to You Scott & Betty Milne,



Sensory overload is the only explanation I have for not taking the time to corner you on the Woodmans trip and telling you just how much I Really appreciate all that you do. I regret the fact that I never was introduced to your wife Betsy. That, and the fact that I’d just like to get to know you bit better than just reading your Wall posts.

You have no idea how stressful getting to this bus trip was for me. The trip from the Convention Center carrying 7 people (my guests +Bean) in a PU truck, stuck in traffic, took about an hour!! Robert Bean got in at the valet with us after his presentation hoping to make it on time and all I could think the whole time was; “they wouldn’t possibly leave without The Bean!” There I was crammed in the front seat with this THING. This (framed thing) it’s Gill Carlsons original system sizer. MY GOD I thought; History in my hands.OH SH+#!!! I said to myself. A song came to me; “You & me against the world.” I became as aggressive as a Bostonian driver can be. John Rhunke @ the wheel drove that shiny red truck so poorly & slowly through heavy traffic we could have walked in 1/2 the time. I screamed at him not to let ANYONE in front of us. John shouldn’t EVER be let into Boston traffic again. His driving? Way too passive. Boston drivers show NO MERCY for an out of state plate. So glad you figured in the “fudge factor” and waited until 6:00pm. I delivered the Bean without a scratch @5:29pm running up the steps of the hotel’s escalator to catch you the (red hat guy) late but thankfully way before our departure. My Inner dialog kept saying “I’m holding the Bean as ransom!” You guys wouldn't leave without the Bean. Would you? You waited. THANK YOU! Thanks so much! You also had room for everyone of my friends because Hunt couldn’t get it done on time. Too bad for him. Sorry we missed him. Timmy was crying as we left;-)

Anyway, Wasn’t it an Amazing AWESOME experience? I’d like to go back in time and do it all again a couple of more times before I get it right and then I will be able to die knowing that I truly had experienced the best of times. When Dan hugs you, The world stops. What a feeling.


For all you do.

Gary W. Wallace
Wallace Radiant Design

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