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Need Help from Heating Grand Wizard.

New home ownner, Just moved into a new home and I have questions on how the Baseboard heating was installed.
I had all the room sized and the amount of Baseboard per room is correct, But I feel the system may have zones with to much overall piping to work efficient. (Need help to size)

This is my home work to date:

Boiler Peerless DE-06 165,000 BTU's input, DOE is 136 and IBR 118 with 82% Efficiency.
One Taco 007 Pump.
There are Seven Honeywell zones.
All Zones run back to boiler with 3/4" piping.
1. Dinning room: 16 Feet of slanfin #30 24'of feed/return 3/4" piping.
2. Garage Zone:17 Feet of hi-output baseboard w/21' of feed & return 3/4" piping.
3. Kitchen,Office,Foyer& Laundry Zone:
42 Feet of Slant-fin #30 one kick space heater toester #53440 w/137 feet of feed & return 3/4" piping.
4. Den Zone: 40 feet of Slant-fin #30 w/73 feet of Feed & return 3/4" Piping.
5. 2nd Floor Bedroom zone: 51 Feet of Slant-fin #30 w/132 feet of feed & return 3/4" piping.
6. 2nd Floor Master bedroom: 35 feet of Slain-fin & one kick space heater toester #53440 w/158 feet of feed & return 3/4" piping.
7. One Super Store Hot Water Heater maker 80 Gallon with 18 Feet 1" piping.
The feed off the boiler is 11/4" runs 7' into air supper and changes to 1" to the firt tee which feeds the dinning room zone, then runs another four feet to tee to feed the garage zone, runs another 18 feet to tee to feed the start of the Master zone. At this tee it is reruced down to 3/4" and runs 38 feet and tee's off for the Den zone, Kitchen/Foyer zone and the 2nd Floor Bedroom zone.

I Hope this is enoght info, if not E-Mail me @ [email protected]


  • Rookie_3
    Rookie_3 Member Posts: 244

    Since the Grand wizard didn't answer I'll try. 3/4" copper should have a max. of 35,000 BTU's per loop. Calculate off that.........BB
  • A drawing would be more clear, with lengths and diameters

    We all could benefit from this.

  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    \"Quite likely \" is what He told me .....Seen him at the gas sta

    tion not morn an hour ago. said something about the heat loss calc on the house ...then something about insulation is the key factor...then something about an hrv system...and thet he was heating a building with three quater pipe boiler header on a super insulated house of 1700 sq ft with cathedral ceilings in 60 below with some pinner smith boiler located in the 24X28 detached garage....for the last 24 years..the boiler seems to produce sufficent heat ...maybe i can ask him what that has to do with your home..
  • Linkzsgo
    Linkzsgo Member Posts: 6

    Thanks for the info, But what about Pump Head, Lenght of runs that seems to be the problem that I am having. How much 3/4" can you run befor having a problem not meeting the load of the Baseboar BTU'S?

  • Empire_2
    Empire_2 Member Posts: 2,343
    Taco 007 Pump Head.

    Pump head seems to be OK for your longest zone in the #6 master bed zone. Total head required for this zone is aprox. 9.6' pump head. You are right on the taco 007 pump curv line.
    Sorry, read the 2nd part of your Q: Zones 5&6 are excessivly long for 3/4" copper loop. A question for you: is #6 158' out and back???
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