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Tight squeeze in a closet

We took out this 5 section 68 series Weil from the closet . 2 things stood out - the expansion tank was hanging off a good sized piece of 1/2 inch copper , no support and water logged . And someone ran a fresh air intake , but stuck it behind the boiler .


  • We crammed

    a Burnham V84 and the HEAVY glass lined Alliance indirect heater in the closet . I wanted to position the boiler and heater on the left side wall , but the customer wanted them in this way . We did manage clearance for the flue pipe and cleanouts on the right side . With time costraints , the job did not come out exactly like I hoped . We start by making it service friendly , then work from there with the time we got . Oh yeah , we rerouted the fresh air intake to the burner . Where can you pick up the adapter to connect the pipe to the Beckett / Burnham cover ?
  • kevin coppinger_4
    kevin coppinger_4 Member Posts: 2,124

    very nice...do you ever get closterhpobic? How do you like the new Alliances? How do they compare to the Superstor contender? As to the air boot..I have used the dryer vent 90's that Home crepo has..they give you a flange that you can screw into the box. I had heard from some one that having the air so close to the burner it can introduce so much air that it can blow the flame off of the head...what say you? kpc

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  • Jim Bennett
    Jim Bennett Member Posts: 607
    I knew

    from the subject line that this was one of your jobs. You are the Master of close quarters! Very nice, very clean!
    Always enjoy your pics.

    Jim Bennett
  • ScottMP
    ScottMP Member Posts: 5,884
    Back in the closet for you !

    See it was to good to be true Ron. A couple of stand up jobs just to tease you and SLAM back in the corner :)

    Great job as always. I love the DWV fittings on the copper original work.

    Do you do the wiring also ?

    See You in Providence, wish we where seeing you in Boston.

  • clammy
    clammy Member Posts: 3,091
    the king of crammed

    excellent after pics i know how ya feel besides all the big panel we got a couple of developments that have boiloer in the closet also but a pics is worth 1000 words perfectly clean and neat you are a master of the close quaters i love the before pics i see alot of those 68 always ready for the hammer once again ron hats off awesome layout and clean lookin job how tough is the top to get off also kudos for that fresh air it's seem to always be a issue when you can't get a duct in always wonder how they got away with it peace and keep up the excellent work ron peace clammy
    R.A. Calmbacher L.L.C. HVAC
    NJ Master HVAC Lic.
    Mahwah, NJ
    Specializing in steam and hydronic heating
  • GaryDidier
    GaryDidier Member Posts: 229
    closet job

    Ron, If your boss would let you use the IFC circs it would clean things up a bit and save some time. Nice clean job. I enjoy your before and after pics. Are you able to keep up with the workload as the season gets busy? I am a former LIslander.Like Mark Hunt I now enjoy my beer swatting black flies and mosquitos.

    Gary from Granville
  • Ron

    The outdoor air kit can be obtained through your Burnham distributor. It includes the 4" flanged collar, 4" inlet elbow with screen, blankoff plate for air louvers on box and 4" relief damper. Hope this helps.

  • Kevin

    For a wee bit there I was homophobic - picture 4 guys piping , wiring , sweating , all jammed in there , bumping uglies . Looked like a game of all male Twister .

    I think I brought up the subject of the hard time we had with many indirects we used in the past - mainly Phase 3 , Alliance , Megastor , a few Superstor . Alot of them leak prematurely - my neighbor in Levittown is going on his 4th Phase 3 , hopefully the new Smart series will break his luck . The new Alliance G is friggin' heavy . We've been using them as well as the Contender for about a year , gotta wait and see how they hold .

    I'm not sure how the fresh air will affect the flame , we hardly ever see a dedicated vent line for it . I guess we need a balancing draft regulator on the fresh air anyway , combined with the regulator on the flue would make it perform sweet . Good question too , I'll be putting in a used BF3 in my home with the vent hooked in . Thanks alot Kevin .
  • Hi Jim

    I never in my dreams thought I would be remembered as that guy who works in closets . But like they say , someones gotta do it . Thanks Jim .
  • Just when I was ready to work with some space ...........

    they pull me back in . The boiler room was small , the way to it was a maze . I still can't quite understand why hardly any homes with full basements on Long Island have no outside access to them . That's the main reason we buy all our boilers knockdown . We even bought a knockdown Buderus for Monday - looks kinda strange naked .

    Yep , we do the whole job , wiring included . My partner Paul did the wiring for this one - he scooted his skinny frame between me and Ken while we connected pipes . I guess you noticed the upside down relay box ? Gotta ask him why he did it that way . I like to make all the connections in one junction box - not including the circs . But his way works just as well .

    I wish I could make it to Boston too . But Providence will be great also . See you there and thanks alot Scott for your post .
  • That's great

    I'll ask my supervisor to Give Don at Blackman a call for the supplies . The homeowner is very handy and said he can install it himself . One question - will it cut down on some the boiler noise when connected ? And can the relief damper be positioned farther away from the burner ? Thank you very much Glenn , I'm glad you're here for us .
  • Clammy

    We spent a good deal of time positioning the stuff so the next guy can get to the top and side cleanouts , and the chimney . We have alot , and I mean alot , of 68s out there , still going strong . If they all have a premature death , we will have job security for years to come , sort of like the next coming of the Blueray BY wave . Fact is we don't take many of the 68s out from leaking . Thanks Clammy .
  • lchmb
    lchmb Member Posts: 2,997
    You have a way!!

    Lucky guy! Want me to send a can opener for you? J/K.. question though for you, I don't see an air scoop or hy-vent's? Are there some type of eliminator's in the system or just hoping for a good purge? Per the norm, nice work...:)
  • Gary

    We're taking little steps toward the future . We just used some 3/4 pex to connect baseboard - saved us more than an hour on the install . Hopefully IFCs will be the next step .

    The work load is amazing . The past 5 or 6 years has been a steady , year round business - even for heat . Before that , the summer was pretty slow . Where did you live out here , and when did you move ? And is it true Mark shoos the flies away with an old plunger style smoke tester ? Thanks Gary .
  • We use an 1 1/4 tee

    right out of the header into an air can . This job we used a 1 1/4 cross tee - the front tap was the expansion tank , the top tap was the air can on top of a long 1 1/4 nipple , and the back end was the circs and flowvalves . Like you said , we rely on a good purge and hope the rest goes up our little air chamber - out of the boiler . As you noticed , an air scoop is not a viable option with most of the work we do . Thanks 1chmb
  • GaryDidier
    GaryDidier Member Posts: 229

    > We're taking little steps toward the future . We

    > just used some 3/4 pex to connect baseboard -

    > saved us more than an hour on the install .

    > Hopefully IFCs will be the next step .


    > The

    > work load is amazing . The past 5 or 6 years has

    > been a steady , year round business - even for

    > heat . Before that , the summer was pretty slow .

    > Where did you live out here , and when did you

    > move ? And is it true Mark shoos the flies away

    > with an old plunger style smoke tester ? Thanks

    > Gary .

  • GaryDidier
    GaryDidier Member Posts: 229

    I love the Ifcs but havent used pex yet. I lived in Huntington Station and moved to Granville in 1991. I don't know about the plunger but I understand Mark tried testing the bubbles in his beer for CO!!!!

    Gary from Granville
  • Ken_8
    Ken_8 Member Posts: 1,640
    I'd have to be on Atkin's for the

    next 20 years to fit in there!

    Nice job Ron. What do you do; fast for a week before doing these closet jobs?

    Come on now, you can tell us.

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  • ScottMP
    ScottMP Member Posts: 5,884
    Hey Ron

    I know why he did it.

    So you can see the lights !

    Actually not a bad idea, the sparks don't care if they are upside down and it make trouble shooting in that closet alot easier.

  • Darin Cook_3
    Darin Cook_3 Member Posts: 389
    You must be good at packing up for a trip.

    To be able to fit so much stuff in so little area. I have never seen anyone who has to work more in these tight places than you. The job looks great as always. I am curious as to why you had so many Phase III failures. I have many of them out there without a single tank failure. Do you guys have horrible water downstate or what? You have to get management on board with some IFC pumps and isolation flanges. Life will become that much easier for you.

  • 2 things that don't go together

    are dieting and my body . You still on the Atkins ? I heard he died at around 270 lbs ? Thanks Ken .
  • Yep

    thats why he did it . I woulda mounted it sideways with the lights up , but that's just a judgement call . I wish Taco would make more knockouts on top , like Argo does . Most jobs we have the wires coming in from above .
  • I blame William Levitt

    After seeing where he crammed boilers in , I bet other designers , contractors , whatever - thought fitting a boiler in a tight spot was a great idea . More space for living .

    I think the water is pretty good down here , maybe too good . Cleaned up with flourine or chlorine ( not sure what they add ) , maybe too much of a concentration . We had some water tested from a home where we changed the Crown Megastor 4 times . They could not find a problem , and the water pressure was at 60 psi . I hope I'm one of the lucky , I'm going to install a Smart 30 behind my boiler under the stairs . Thanks alot Darin .
  • Mike Kraft_2
    Mike Kraft_2 Member Posts: 398
    Ron and crew

    Love the befores and afters you post.The HO's must show some jubulation!I did a change out last Saturday.Guess I don't get enough.But while I do em the Ron Jr. crew is in the basement with me.You and your boys do some great stuff.Hope your treated like gold man....cuz you guys are worth alot!

    As far as the burner box and fresh air.I see Glen addressed it.I know with Buderus the burner box is vented and open underneath.Just getting the air inlet to the box is sufficient.Other than that a burner like the Riello BF would be used for a sealed burner box with a direct air inlet.

  • heatboy
    heatboy Member Posts: 1,468
    I am continually amazed........

    how you manage to do these jobs and make them look so good in the time you are alloted. How about video taping the whole day and then letting us see the blur of working men in speed up mode? Amazing work!


    The Radiant Whisperer

    "The laws of physics will outweigh the laws of ecomomics every time."
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