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Rants, raves and CO

Bill Nye
Bill Nye Member Posts: 221
..were getting long. I took a Bacharach CO class once a few years back. The instructor told a story about a CO poising death. The source of combustion?? you ask , a wood burning stove!

An elderly couple were found in the Bathroom! The bath room fan drew the CO into the room and the highest concentrations were found there.

Wood, oil, coal, plastic,gas, natural or propane I don't care, if you have combustion you can have incomplete combustion. You could have carbon monoxide.

So next time the portable generator or welding machine or fork lifts or other machines are running indoors. Gas pumps in a low area to pump out a well or pool? If you use up the oxygen for combustion and give off carbon monoxide, whats left to breathe?

If you haven't already, take a class on CO, read up on it. Watch out for other gas as well . I knew a guy in the shipyard that was overcome by argon purge in a tank. He lived two others didn't. It displaces the oxygen. Be careful. Kids in my area have died from sniffing NOS, the "harmless stuff" that makes your car go faster


  • Robert O'Connor_6
    Robert O'Connor_6 Member Posts: 299

    Thats a fact. wood stoves.

    I went to a place three times . The wife had been hauled to the hyperbaric chamber twice. All the area FD's had been there. I had a tester and found bad gaskets on an airtight stove. Additionally the stove was in a very tighht room. The FD and home owner wouldn't believe me what a fiasco.

    The homeowner wass convinced they were throwing rags with solvents in the stove when no one was looking! Or that there was a problem with the oil boiler.

    Finally i told him I was on to him that he was trying to kill his wife and not to call me again. She was making crafts in the room. She worked 8-10 hrs a day there.

    Oh yeah my big clue was the brown fluffy ash in the flue pipe.

    Finally I convinced them. I still have the customer!

    That was my first CO call. I knew nothing about it . It was very scary . That was 10 years back.



  • Leo
    Leo Member Posts: 770

    I am a call firefighter. Last week the power was out in one of our buildings after a nasty storm. The propane generator didn't start easily like it was suppose to, was just serviced by a generator company. Anyway had odors so they checked the basement 250ppm from this thing. This building houses the Senior Center, Emergency Dispatch, Fire Dept Offices, and Police Station.

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