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tommyoil Member Posts: 613
Hi guys(and gals if it applies)
I dont own a computer so I'm kind of at a disadvantage here. A phone call has prompted me to use my brothers and I drove 20 miles to do it. First let me say that I have over 20 years in the oil heat business. I'm 42 years young. And yes it WAS me at the Montclair job at Mr Phillips house. I heard from a secretary, not even my boss, that he called the company with some really nice things to say. I learned from my Dad and another old timer. The old timer sent me to school at Lincoln Tech in Union N.J. and my work ethic comes from Pop. He always enforced the golden rule of do it right or you wont get paid. If thats not motivation I dont know what is. What a stir a simple cleanout has caused. Let me also say that after I did that job, I literally went next door and did the same thing there. I do the same job for you that I would want done for me. Thats my bottom line. I know what it is to have someone come over,charge me top dollar for some sort of service and only do half a job. I hate feeling screwed.With that in mind,I always try to make my customers feel like they are getting the highest quality work ALL OF THE TIME and that their money is well spent. They are #1. As a result the tips are pretty good. Although I get paid by my boss, I feel, and have always felt, that my obligation is to my customers. I'll give Pop credit for that one too. Let me say this, my boss has ZERO intention of buying anything that he is not absolutely forced to buy. I've been riding around with no A/C in my truck and no spare tire for months now. CO tester? Thats a laugh. I should fix him and give up the company name. Maybe that would shame him into buying me a damn spare tire. But he has no shame so it would be pointless. You guys may be right, I may not last at this place because I'm getting sick and tired of continually "cleaning up" after everyone elses garbage work. Besides my real love is installation work but am limited to residential steam an hot water stuff. Never was given the chance to broaden my horizons. No radiant, never anything fancy. Always just steam and hot water. And I dont even get to do that anymore. Sad because I see hack work everyday here and I know I can give quality work. One thing I found out by reading Mr Phillips comments. I didnt know I wasnt Mr Popular with the other guys. They always seem to be nice to my face. Another reason to consider moving on. But I'll deal with them in my own good time. This seems to be a dead end job anyway.Its ashame because I feel I have alot to offer. Anyway thanks to all of you for some really nice stuff you all said. I feel like my hard work has finally been justified by people who know what I go through. THANKS AGAIN! I guess I have to spring for a computer now. I'll be eating dinner here and will check for any comments before I go home . If my boss sees this I may be looking for a job sooner than I want to. My bro said he will keep his eyes on this sight after I leave and let me know whats going on. Wishing you all well, I remain,
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