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control valves by radiator for steam system

Adam_5 Member Posts: 2
I watch after a small 4 unit ( two story - each one bedroom) building for a senior citizen who is in an assisted living facility. The biulding was built in 1936. My question is, are there temperature controlled valve that could be installed that would shut off when that apartmtment reached that temperature? I took 3 days last December to readjust all the valves to redistrabute the heat but the one unit on the fistt floor is directly over the boiler room and thus it is too hot in her unit at times. Thanks for reading this and your help!

Thanks, Adam


  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    I dont think a Valve will do it Adam..........

    here are a few ideas i have...1.insulate the pipe.
    2.insulate the ceiling.........
    3.bring outside air into the burner if oil..........
    if it is gas then it possibly likely has two openings one near the ceiling and one near the floor...make sure there are no obstructions eg bushes tree branches...and are in deed the correct size vents.
    4....install a couple "fresh 100's" near the ceiling on an outside wall in the ladys room and explain it to her that its for indoor air quality let her see that they are adjustable and can be opened or closed easily by pullin on a string. a quiet low sone fan in a kitchen vent and or a bathroom low sone that cycles for twenty min when ever someone turns on a light in the bathroom sorta provides like a mini hrv.. boilers just put out the heat as does the associated piping and water makers piping.. this doesnt quite provide you with The answer to your question however therein may lie an answer......Tim Mclaine i think would tell you what the correct size openings are supposed to be by code for the gas appliance(boiler) and may have a reccomendation that exceeds code and is more of a personal standard from his previous experiences with similar configurations in his line of endeavour....*~/:) Good luck.
  • Joe Lambert
    Joe Lambert Member Posts: 18
    There are valves

    Yes, there are valves. These will only shut off the steam to the radiator, but not help with any other problem. Look at:
    http://www.maconcontrols.com/ent901.html (by Tunstall)
    http://istec-corp.com/productstop.html (by Istec)

  • Art Pittaway
    Art Pittaway Member Posts: 230
    All Steam isn't the same...

    is it a 1 or 2 pipe system? Before you go out looking at control valves you need to know! How is it currently controlled? Danfoss makes the best 1 Pipe steam radiator valve I know of. Their 2 pipe valves are good, but none of them will work if not sized and installed correctly.

    Do your homework first before someone sells you on the great fix!!
  • bob young
    bob young Member Posts: 2,177

    ya gotta use those double hung zone valves a/k/a windows.
  • Steamhead
    Steamhead Member Posts: 16,719
    If it took 3 days to balance the system

    your system may have some other things that need to be corrected. Try the Find a Professional page of this site to locate a good steam man near you. If you're in the Baltimore area, e-mail me!

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