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unico with hot water coil

David_5 Member Posts: 250
I put one in my home on the first floor. The AHU is in the basement. I have never had a problem with the outlets getting to hot. I do have two rooms that have opposite needs for cooling and heating. In my living room I plug two out of four outlets for cooling. In my sun room I do the opposite. I wired the blower to come on in heat with a time delay relay, no aquastat. If you want, another way is use the aquastat in series with a time delay relay coil to prevent cold air on start-up. I have noticed the supply air temp is still pretty warm even if the water temp is 140. We have used a bypass humidifier on Unico and installed restrictors to reduce airflow. I know Unico doesn't like it, but I think bypass types are simple and reliable. Your customer will be happy when your done.



  • clammy
    clammy Member Posts: 3,092
    unico hot air advise

    Was wondering about any helpfull hints i can be given on installing a unico system with a hot water coil for heat i,ve installed unico systems before about 6 to date and have never used them with there hot water coils besides the wiring and optional aquastat any help with possible promblems that i may run into would be helpfull.I,ve done a accurate heat loss/gain of the home and have allready sized the a/c side of the job but was wondering about promblems of over heating with unico,s 4000 btu s per outlet i can foresee over heating with some rooms reguiring more cooling then heating any advise would be helpfull also doesn,t tekmar make a control for hot water coils? Also what can be done for humiderfing in the winter a non by pass fan assist humiderfer like a aprilair .The ho wants his 1 pipe steam removed a real beauty a mixing of counter flow with return drips and regular flow in one direction sorry no convention rads or condensing rads in the basement home still has a coal bin built aruond early 1900 it seems the rave to put in these hot water hi velocity and standard duct systems i guess everybody wants a/c .The home is around 4600 sq ftwith a heat loose of around 200,000 btus minus some possible radaint for floor warming on some enclosed patio and gazebo thanks for any input clammy peace
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  • Mike Reavis_2
    Mike Reavis_2 Member Posts: 307
    will it be an attic system?

    If so, depending on the height, you may need to raise the boiler pressure to keep the coil full of air. According to the manual, you can get some really hot air out of these systems. They recommend not installing floor registers to prevent someone from getting burned under certain conditions.
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