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Juxtaposing right suite software thread

Jed_2 Member Posts: 781
I have trial versioned Wright Soft, and use the proprietary
Right Radiant version through Zurn Radiant. Very nice. But I also trial versioned Elite's RHVAC (ACCA MANUAL J8). To me it is just as sweet for the $$$ difference. Drawing Board and all. I don't see a HV module, though.

Any comments on Elite vs. Wright Soft? I'm considering one or the other. Playing with the Elite trial version, it does seem very comprehensive and not too bad a learning curve.

Would someone please comment?




  • Mi39ke_2
    Mi39ke_2 Member Posts: 61

    I'm a self-admitted software junkie. I have the full Wrightsoft Residential Suite, as well as older versions of the Elite Software Suite: Audit, RHVAC, Drawing Board, etc. Not to mention all the manufacturer based stuff.

    Wrightsoft seemed to jump ahead of Elite with the radiant module, developed with the help of Roth, I believe. I haven't seen a radiant module by Elite, at this point in time. Let me know if they have one as I would love to explore it. I just ordered a couple supplementary programs from them and didn't see anything radiant in their Manual J listings.

    I bought the HVAC Solutions software from them (another manufacturer produces this and Elite sells it at their web site). It was an old version. Don't buy it from them, go to the originators website! Fun program, to be sure. My favorite toy/tool of the moment. Thinking of upgrading soon. They say the next version has steam heating!

    I like doing a simple room or two in Elite...the whole house thing seems to be more flexible in Wrightsoft because of the hydronic capabilities. Wrightsoft really has a bigger learning curve in my opinion. The screens of Wrightsoft look kinda "Cartoony" or unprofessional, IMO. Obviously, they are hoping to make things easy for the novice.

    If you do only forced air, you have a tougher decision. I might opt for the Elite if FA was my only domain...and especially if geoexchange wasn't in my future.

    Michael Ward
  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    i took alook....

    :)) sounds like Eskimo....:)) and cant derange the dry bulb to-76¡ãF i dont know why not..so i go give it a try somemore.
  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    it has some convectors.....

    for Radiant. i see it as ok buh YOU have To do too much customizing to get it to do stuff,it has something called Global materials or something where by you enter whaterver it is you want it to default at ,,...i think and then save it as your personal default for a certain room... it seems to get that you might have dedicated outside air for the boiler...:))
    oh oops. I think it has a fairly sharp idea on forced air and air conditioning...the balancing and outside air thing i didnt look into...it has an hrv section too.and it appears to have from very poor insulation and building practises to reasonably close practises it has some cool features i think if i was into forced air heat and ac it would be worth a dolla:)
    I think that the geo exchange programme sounds intriguing...have you applied to the exam previously...
  • Nron_9
    Nron_9 Member Posts: 237

    guys ever seen loopcad it is a layout program for radiant heating allows you to design all loop layouts in advance and will soon be intergrated in with wirsbo design software to due the heat loss and layout at the same time will help us look like the pros we are .
  • Matt_21
    Matt_21 Member Posts: 140

    i've been using the wirsbo program & loopcad for a while now to design my radiant systems. do you know when they are integrating the two?
  • I'm not so sure....

    you will see them integrated. I think that Wirsbo will be coming out with a totally different prtogram that incorperats all that you do into one. It has no relationship to Loopcad.

  • wrightsuite vs elite

    Using software all day long and teaching people (heating technicians) how to use it keeps me busy. I always look at both Elite and Wrightsoft. I have stayed with and am planning on staying with the leader, wrightsoft.

    I just had a tech at my desk, he has the latest version of Elite..... I had to hand him a drool cup to keep the prints from getting wet :-)

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