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Tekmar Control Question

Paul Mitchell_2
Paul Mitchell_2 Member Posts: 184
Looikng at a job. Small apartment complex. Going to replace boilers. Boilers will run a main circulator, each apartment has a zone valve, 12 apartments per unit. We want the tekmar as simple as possible. Run boiler temp based on outside temp...but the boilers will also have an indirect 80 water maker. Is there a control that will give priority to the hot water? Now they have standard honeywell controls and most are bypassed and boilers maintaining temperature all summer just for hot water.
Any help will be appreciated as usual.


  • DaveGateway
    DaveGateway Member Posts: 568
    260 control

    Does single boiler with outdoor reset and handles priority for an indirect. WWSD will just run boiler for the indirect in the summer time.
  • Paul Mitchell_2
    Paul Mitchell_2 Member Posts: 184

    Thanks for the quick response. WWSD? Trying to figure the initials.....
  • 262

    I like the 262 as a better choice. Will control main circ, stage and rotate boiers, diagnostic read out for boiler run/fire times, DHW priority.

    WWSD = warm weather shut down
  • Paul Mitchell_2
    Paul Mitchell_2 Member Posts: 184
    Good deal Is this doable

    with a single boiler? They do not want multiple boilers. I would do that but its their place.
  • Boilerpro_3
    Boilerpro_3 Member Posts: 1,231
    The 262 works very well for two boilers

    and I would make sure the system can run on full reset....right down to 70F supply water. Use condensors, or boiler protection such as inexpensive mixing valves(Esbe thermix). This way you can prevent tenants from abusing thier "free heat" by leaving doors and windows open and the heat set for 80F. With a tightly tuned in outdoor reset curve they will get cold with windows open and the temp will never get to 80F even if everything is closed up, saving the building owner $$$$!

  • sorry i misunderstood

    the word boilerS.

    260 is the only way to go with a single boiler with indirect DHW.
  • NRT /Dave
    NRT /Dave Member Posts: 2

    When looking at apartment buildings and dormitory resident buildings and such, the Tekmar 367 zone controller has a feature called ‘Max Room’ which merits some consideration. This feature will limit the maximum room temperature setting to the dial setting on the controller even when the room occupant turns the dial to a higher setting (need a 054 RTU). This allows the occupant(s) to control the room temperature up to a limit (even though they do not know it) but lets the building owner, who is probably paying the fuel bills, to control the room maximum temperature. I used this feature successfully at an apartment building with cast iron radiators. Makes for happy building owners when they are in ‘control’ of the maximum temperature setting.
  • hydronicsmike
    hydronicsmike Member Posts: 855
    You got the right options listed above...

    ...the 260 for single Boiler and DHW (with Priority if needed), Outdoor Reset and Warm Weather Shut Down (WWSD)is the simplest and cheapest way to go.

    For other options, please never hesitate to call 250-545-7749, Ext 214.


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