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Business Plan

Paul Rohrs
Paul Rohrs Member Posts: 357
I want to write a business plan for a possible business endeavor. I think it will be important for me to use this to chart my course in the early stages of business. How many of you wrote up a plan and followed up with it after 1,2,3 years etc.?

What resource would you recommend for business plan ideas or templates? Would anyone be willing to post their plan, or less critical excerpts from their plan?




  • hot_rod
    hot_rod Member Posts: 21,792
    Business Plan ideas...

    Hi Paul,

    Good for you! Most folks DON'T operate from a plan. I've learned that the most successful business people DO. So, congratulations. You are on the right track.

    I am working on the Bare Bones Biz Fitness Plan...a 6 week plan for creating a living, breathing, easy to build and USE business plan. My PLAN is to have it ready to download from www.barebonesbiz.com by 8.31.2004. Fun! I will keep you posted.

    In the meantime, have you read The E Myth by Michael Gerber? His philosophy will put you in the right frame of mind for creating your plan.

    Also, attend Al Levi's Leadership Power seminar. Check it out at www.appleseedbusiness.com. Al is who I turn to to review my own business plan!

    All the best,

    Ellen Rohr
    Bob "hot rod" Rohr
    trainer for Caleffi NA
    Living the hydronic dream
  • Grumpy_2
    Grumpy_2 Member Posts: 82
    Business Plan

    Paul, When I started my first business (of 4)back in the 1970's, I didn't know do-do about running a business. I decided to contact a group of retired business executives called S.C.O.R.E., that was one of the best decisions I ever made. They worked with me on a daily basis for close to 4 months, helped me to develop a business plan and how to choose the proper accounting team and legal representative. They also taught me how to read a P&L statement and also how to establish a method of checking my progress against the benchmarks established within the business plan. They are a wonderful asset to entreprenuers, and if there is a group in your area, it will be a good phone call to make. They may not know squat about your industry, but they will know how to run a sucessful business. I've had businesses for over 30 years now, and I review the business plans on a weekly basis, even after all these years. And you can't beat the cost! It was free!
  • Paul Rohrs_2
    Paul Rohrs_2 Member Posts: 171

    Thank you both Ellen & Grumpy, I will look forward to your email Ellen when your site is up. Grumpy, I did sit through the SCORE training and found them to be every bit of help that you describe.

    Ellen, thank you especially for taking the time, I hope your parents are doing well.


    Paul Rohrs
  • Bill Nye
    Bill Nye Member Posts: 221
    Books and more

    Paul, Look for Al Levi's book here:

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