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fax spam ,anyone getting this ?

Murph'_5 Member Posts: 349
but they are wasting alot of paper! list as follows from recent fax/spammers.....

1)trip to bahamas/ from pittsburgh

2)free bahamas cruise. (hmmmm)

3)high tech stocks/emti

4)platinum trade alert

This has been going on since the first of the year, perhaps the PHCC ,but I am not sure. I am thinkin' if this is happening we can put all our resources to find out!

Thanks for playing!!



  • i get all those

    but i'm not a member of the phcc yet. so my spam isn't from there. bob

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  • Ken_8
    Ken_8 Member Posts: 1,640
    My PC is tied in via a DSL via my old fax line...

    Phone/fax line that is.

    I listed that phone line # as a "Do-Not-Call" number with that thingy last fall. Makes no difference. They call it anyhow.

    What's the difference if they call my on the house line and get me to answer - or they use my ink and a piece of paper 100 times a month and I have to pay for the supplies?

    I'm sick of it but have no recourse.

    Or do I?

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  • singh
    singh Member Posts: 866

    I got all of those,call the number removal number on the bottom took about a month but now no unwanted faxes are received.My ink and paper suplies last longer too.

  • S Ebels
    S Ebels Member Posts: 2,322
    Possible solution

    I have an E-Fax account. They give you a phone # and all your faxes go to your e-mail. From there you can open and preview b4 printing. Works for me.
  • Murph'_5
    Murph'_5 Member Posts: 349
    I am thinking......

    of a return fax with three sheets of paper taped into a loop from beginning to end, that might get them to take a hint!! most times they are laying there when I return , have yet to figure out how they got my fax #!! AS most times i do not give it out for non/nessecary reasons!

  • MikeAR
    MikeAR Member Posts: 15
    payback to spammers

    Not that I ever did this, :) but sending a continuous loop only works on certain machines. Most will time out too soon to really get anyones attention. The best thing to do is send them completly black sheets of paper (make a copy on your copier with the top cover open). This is guaranteed to use up tons of ink and/or jam their machine!

    Have Fun!

  • Mike T., Swampeast MO
    Mike T., Swampeast MO Member Posts: 6,928

    The removal number actually works. Different FAXs, different removal numbers, but they all go back to the same Florida? company.

    You'll stay removed until you make ANY sort of change in your telephone service--or at least that's my guess.

    When first established my company number received those junk FAXes within days. Called to remove. Stayed away until a service change. Even though change didn't affect original number it affected the account and the FAXes started again within days.
  • Lurker_2
    Lurker_2 Member Posts: 123

    I just call the 800 number and waste their time. if we all did that it wouldn't take long to make these idiots stop.

    remove number didn't work for me.

    All my faxes come in via the computer, means its on 24-7, but thats good for the computer, but windoze must be restarted several times a week. No wasted paper, and all faxes are sorted like email, going back 6 years. just hit the delete button for the florida vacations...
  • Lurker_2
    Lurker_2 Member Posts: 123

    Oh yeah,
    Winfaxpro is the program
  • Matt Undy
    Matt Undy Member Posts: 256

    Do they all ID as the same? Do they ID as caller ID blocked? Usually you can block certain numbers and block all numbers with a blcoked caller ID. I'd imagine any legitimate faxes will have a caller ID.

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