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Jacob G.Jacob G. Member Posts: 9
Why do so few techs like to use actuators and manifolds as a central hydrocontrol. Why use separate circulators for very low flow rates. It's a lot of copper and a lot of soldering.


  • hrhr Member Posts: 6,106
    Ford or Chevy

    personal preference, really. I prefer zone valves or manifold actuators generally. Depends on the loads. At some point (gpm and head based) seperate circs make some sense.

    Multiple zone pumps do offer redundancy.

    Play around with some system overlay curves someday to see what those multi zoned pump circuits look like under actual operating conditions! You may fine electrical efficiency down in the 10-15% range with the pumps running way off their curves :)

    hot rod

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  • S DavisS Davis Member Posts: 491
    Zone Controls

    I think alot of people that are not comfortable wiring low voltage control systems will use zone pumping because of the ease of the controls you can get, with a pump zone control just hook up your thermostat, and t&t from boiler to the end switch,wire the pump and you are done.IMHO.
    It can take a lot more power to run the system though wich we try to get away from around our neck of the woods. Most of our projects are between 4,000-10,000 sq.ft. and you could end up with up to 18 zones plus hot water and heated towel warmers wich would take alot of pumps.
    Around here we have to be licensed to run low voltage, and to keep our licenses current we have to have 24 hours of continued education every three years, just like line voltage electricans.
    So this keep us up on wiring low voltage control systems.
    We usually will use two system or floor pumps in parallel with a pump controller so if your system pump fails you have a backup.

    S Davis

    Apex Radiant Heating
  • WeezboWeezbo Member Posts: 6,232

    i like zone valves :) zones are good:) i like series circs:) on seperate zone on the end of the supply header:) then if something goes something goes down you still have circ across the headerand one of the zones:) a stand alone system not making an end switch on the boiler.
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