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Oil usage in summer for 140M BTU boiler w coil

Is it cost effective to install an electric water heater (fed thru coil) to be used in summer months? How much oil does it take to maintain heat for domestic coil in summer months?


  • Leo
    Leo Member Posts: 770
    Oil in the summer

    As a guy who services oil systems keep it on year round. The extra dirt and scale caused by shutting it down can cost more in service at the annual tune up. Another point to remember is using the electric heater you now maintain water temp by electricity. Save the money you will spend on an electric heater and it's operating costs and keep the oil on.

  • J.C.A._3
    J.C.A._3 Member Posts: 2,981

    Leo's got it right. Keep the boiler warm. It IS cost effective, however....I would be more inclined to install an indirect or booster tank,(preferably the indirect).

    The boiler has been warm since the day it was installed. With all the various metals expanding and contracting at different rates, letting it go cold increases the chance for a failure.

    I know the argument, indirect VS.electric. One is inexpensive to install, and the other costs quite a bit more. Ask the board about tank replacement rates. I bet that the group as a whole replaces electric water heaters at a pace of 4-5 X's the rate of an indirect. Think long run! (the price of electric vs. the cost of an indirect, then factor in replacement costs every 6-10 years(?),operational costs, btu to KWH and the like)

    You will accomplish a better return on investment by keeping your boiler warm and a tank with a lifetime warranty.(IMHO). Keeping the boiler warm for a reason,(to make the recovery a bit faster than "cold start") , plus the added advantage of some storage, makes the most sense to me. 20 years working on oil equipment doesn't hurt either. Chris
  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    there are many levels of control,

    one might be run water through a side arm,run through a side arm then thru a "Tank", same with "Emergentcy back up ie wired 240V Tank,recirc for on demand Hot water.... then theres basically same kinda deal for indirects,one run zoned first take off on the boiler,same with a recirc pump on the supply with a check, increased one pipe size with pump,recirc on domestic for on demand hot water, there are also pre heated through various coils or plate tube exchangers...then theres flash systems ,point of use, so you happen to have a system that has some chance of functioning were the oil tank empty...or if you should choose to shut off the boiler..those might be, say ,its good points.to day it is like 90 in the shade:) boiler no wann crank up unless it is not satisfied,me i am satisfied as i find it to be Plenty warm:)my boiler is off.
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