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hydronic explorer

I finally got around to plugging in all the numbers into the heat loss program, and got some interesting data to ponder. The total amount of baseboard calculated was 1/2 foot different from what I actually have. So far so good. If the total calculated load is right, (as in did I plug in the right numbers) my boiler is somewhat oversized. Also, not a surprize. My boiler has an input of 133,000 and output of 109,000 btu/h. The program says my heat loss is about 64,000. The house is about 3300 sq. ft., outdoor design temp is -16, and hot water temp is 180. Attached is 1 page of 4 of the calc. Any thoughts are welcome as I try to figure cost/benefit to upgrading to a new, smaller, more efficient boiler. Gas costs are about $0.80 per therm here. The bottom line IS the bottom line. Will I see the payback in a reasonable amount of time, if ever?



  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    Do you have oil?

    in your neighbourhood you may indeed be able to get some smaller btu output boilers.instead of 180 degree water try 145. How much slant fin 15 does it say you need now? i dont have the program,slant fin said they were hastening along a copy when or where it Is Is all about what ones definition of is is.:) may i say that i have installed 5 slant fin the last 5 months with F5 riello burers quadruple that number last year all i got outta it was a sweet ziltch. sorry i digress... would you be able to place some lower temp staple up zones? better yet,gypcrete or slab on grade with radiant? the reason i ask is there was one of the wallies who just got back from Germany...he had some pictures of equipment a few years off in America yet well worth the expenditure when considering efficent economical and long term savings. radiant is the perfect marriage for these boilers. here in America we have alot of choises oil boilers that are under 80K i have no access to ,where i live.Nat gas though exists and we have quite a few choises.i think you would maybe benifit from checking on a unit that is condensing if you descide to go radiant.. they can be squeezed to the btu....so if you need 15000 btu thats basically all it will produce..that way when it isnt 20below it wont be blazing the Btus out to heat the planet:) the boilers that can do that well Thrive on cooler water as it were returning to the mix.Oh And they are "LIGHT":) saves on the back during install:) some one will probably tell you thier favorite kind that you may get in your area.there are a few from other countries as well,Look at it as an adventure hunt. Have fun.
  • George Peteya
    George Peteya Member Posts: 34
    Hydronic Explorer

    Weezbo, I have a few copies of Version 1 left. Slant/Fin is releasing Version 2 soon. If you want Version 1, email me your address and I'll send one out to you. Register your copy when you get it, and they'll automatically send you Version 2 (V.2 has a radiant routine).
  • Larry (from OSHA)
    Larry (from OSHA) Member Posts: 716
    Hey Weezbo

    Thanks for the reply. I've got gas (the boiler that is) and the baseboards are staying too. About 120 feet of it. Already got outdoor reset, so just trying to figure out if I will live long enough to see a payback on a Munchie or something like that. Is it still real hot up there where you are? Only in the 60's here in Minnesota.

    Take care,

  • hr
    hr Member Posts: 6,106
    Maybe I'm old fashioned

    but I still prefer a nice cast boiler for baseboard designed around 180°. I imagine you will see design in your area.

    Especially now that global warming is here to stay :)

    I like a little thermal mass provided by a chunk of iron.

    If you Munch for lunch, I'd consider a buffer tank to help the cycling effect. Low mass, low water content boilers matched with low mass emitters tend to yoyo a bit.

    hot rod

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  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    Base board? Baseboard. been , berry berry Good, To Me:)

    :) Larry , Hot rod savey the gas munchie. we like the oil burner iron boilers also:) especially the NEW BUDERAS WE CANT HAVE:))) till 2006 Fall:( Landed in east coast:( aw shucks:(
  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    Oh Ooops! 90's:) WHEWS MY MYND could MELT in this HEAT!

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