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The lighter side of Hydronics (PR)

Paul Rohrs
Paul Rohrs Member Posts: 357
Breakfast Cereal!

Hard working men and women of the Hydronics Industry need to fuel up in the morning before servicing your (insert fuel of Choice) boiler.

I am thinking we can market these babies pretty easily. Adorning this lovely proto-type box of Cereal, is my friend Kevin Pulver from Kenesaw, NE. I have always told him that his face would wind up on a box of cereal or a milk carton. He has loads of potential and in my mind, represents the honest, hard working people of our industry. (I would be glad to insert your picture, just email me.)

Please feel free to embellish and improve on this tongue-in-cheek tribute to the future of our industries new breakfast food.

Next up on my list is Our own food group.




  • hr
    hr Member Posts: 6,106
    cold barley soup, aka

    BEER. we need a heatinghelp.com beer at the next Wetstock. Most small brew pubs will private label small runs for you.

    Wasatch Brew Pub in Park City was always doing this for customers. Nice touch.

    What a collectors item heatinghelp.com or "pumping away" beer would be! Probably sell that by the case. Or give it to attendees :)

    hot rod

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  • Paul B_3
    Paul B_3 Member Posts: 4
    A heating project we can all relate to

    Ship yard brewing here in maine does contract brewing and some private labels. A "small" batch for them is going to be around 50bbls. That's alot of bottles,(as profesionals we're up to the challange)And it's going to take up alot of room in Dans' garage. Maybe their sister co. Kennebunkport brewing could do better(I seem to recall the have a smaller mash tun). I think they could do around 12bbls. But enough about how much to drink, lets talk about what kind to drink. We can't just go to their Brew Master and ask him to just throw some hops in the Tun. I think something not too light( because we're a serious group) and definately nothing bitter. The next Wetstock is a Fall event so you can't really pull off a summer ale. Maybe an "early" fall ale. Something that starts out crisp and clean and finishes a little woody.

    Or have I just had too much coffee this morning?

    Paul B
  • GaryDidier
    GaryDidier Member Posts: 229

    Waaay too much!
    gary from Granville
  • hr
    hr Member Posts: 6,106
    Wasatch didn't

    change the brew, always. They merely changed the roll of labels in the label machine.

    Basically the fee to create the label, and run one batch with the different labels.

    They would do special brews, I recall a Christmas brew for a fund raiser once. Had a hint of cinnamon.

    hot rod

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  • J Matthers_2
    J Matthers_2 Member Posts: 140

    Let's see.. Beer entering at about 45*, exiting at 98.6*, a delta T of 53.6*, pumping away to get rid of the air...you may have something there HR.
  • GaryDidier
    GaryDidier Member Posts: 229
    Air elimination

    Be carefull of that air elimination. It brings air removal to another level!

    Gary from Granville
  • Ken_8
    Ken_8 Member Posts: 1,640
    How's this?

    I gets me a case of Yuengling lager (or porter or B&T).

    Then I puts the case in a 5-gallon pail of sudsy water. When the Yuengling label melts off, I rinse the bottles and dry 'em good.

    Then I heads down to the Office Max (Staples) and gets a few sheets of 4 X 6 labels and fire up MS Word and my color printer. Go to labels in the Envelopes and labels pull down, and scan in a skull and cross wrenches logo, some tricky words and pseudo ingredients and voila!

    So, we have a fine brew custom made for us!

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  • chuck shaw
    chuck shaw Member Posts: 584
    A case

    Come on Ken, a case, with the gang that is usually there you better hijack a truck

  • kevin_5
    kevin_5 Member Posts: 308
    Come on Paul

    You've got to pull this thread back on course. Tell them how many bowls of colon-blow they'd have to eat to equal the fiber in one bowl of "Hydronic-os".

    Tell them how they taste great but are less filling... no wait, don't say that. It could set them off again.

    Tell them that Hydronic-os are chock-full of iron-- out of old steam pipes!
    Tell them how that for every box you sell you're going to donate $1.00 to The Wall.
    Tell them that it could be their own smiling face on the box. Tell them you've got corporate sponsorship. Tell them anything before it's too late... I knew this wouldn't work. Kevin

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  • Paul Rohrs
    Paul Rohrs Member Posts: 357
    The other benefit

    is the projected national weight-loss, there seems to be some concern about the actual ability to eat after seeing your picture on the box.

    Strangely, the cereal is selling very well in Kenesaw,NE and Sheboygen,WI. Do you have cousins or other distant relatives there?


  • Jim Bennett
    Jim Bennett Member Posts: 607
    Wet Head Beer

    I think it's gotta be Anchor "Steam" Beer.

    Jim Bennett
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