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\"umm Dad ?\"

ScottMP Member Posts: 5,884
And as I was getting out of bed at 4:45 AM this morning he looked over at me and said " Umm Dad, how do you make air ? "

Geeze, this kids mind never stops.

As Robin Williams said " Go ask you Mother, she knows everything " :).

I have a feeling it won't be long before I start getting asked " Dad, how does a low loss header work ? ".

I am in trouble :).

Scott " Looking for an encyclopedia " Milne

PS: Happy Fathers Day !

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  • Jim_33
    Jim_33 Member Posts: 1
    More free?

    My son once said, "Umm, Dad? Something is either free or it isn't, right?"
    Me: "Right."
    Son: "I mean, it can't be more free or less free, right?"
    Me: "Right."
    Son: "So why does your shaving cream can say, '50% more free'?"

    Ah. Should be 50% ADDITIONAL free.
  • John Barba1
    John Barba1 Member Posts: 67
    Kids say the darndest things...

    My oldest boy isn't necessarily inquisitive, but he does have a "wise guy" streak in him that is deep, wide and long. When they had "Dad's Day" at his pre-school a few years back, we did a group thing for the kids on "What I Love About My Dad." Sounds innocent enough, but when they asked Sam what his Dad likes to do in his spare time, my darling little boy says, "He likes to dress up like a girl!"

    None of the other parents would let there kids play at our house for about two years.

  • John Barba1
    John Barba1 Member Posts: 67
    To clarify a point...

    I don't like to dress up in women's clothing!
  • When my kids were small

    There was a landscaper that lived beyond us that waved to the kids every time he went by. The kids would watch for Mr. Abbott regularly.

    One evening, he walked by with his wife, and they stopped to talk. My inquisitive daughter asked her if she was Mrs. Rabbit? I could have died.

    My daughter's son turns 2 today. Time sure flies by!

  • ScottMP
    ScottMP Member Posts: 5,884
  • John Barba1
    John Barba1 Member Posts: 67
    ...a token...

    ...of my appreciation!
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