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1st time with pex - the job so far...

It's a job in progress still - most of the piping is not set permanently yet . The boiler is in a Levitt home in the kitchen . The 2nd pic shows the pit where we pick up hot and cold to go to the garage , as well as temporary power for the boiler . We also ran an oil line in the trench to the garage until we move the oil tank closer to the new boiler room . We had to jack hammer a trench on the other side of that brick and make a hard left about 10 feet and then blast throught the foundation to the garage . It took me and Sal all day to trench , run the piping and cement over it all .


  • We reused the boiler

    A Weil Mclain 368 , installed in 1990 . The cutomer was told there's no guarantee of it surviving the journey to the garage , but it held water and ran great . Just noticed it - those 2 pipes running horizontal are actually level - just not square . Wow does that make the pic look horrendous - I won't do that again .

    Slight problem - this morning the customer told us the pressure on the hot side was low . Sure enough , there was little more than a trickle at the sink . We went nuts trying to track down where the clog was ( praying it was not a kink in the trench or the pipe diameter too small ) , blowing back wherever we could . It turned out that there was the tiniest of sand particles stuck high up in the small tube going into the faucet . I would have checked it sooner , but it was one of those faucets that you have to remove totally to get the tube off all the way .

    The 2nd pic is where we came up in the garage . I planned on going straight up into the small storage area above the garage , but here comes our 2nd problem - the customer forgot to tell us that he was planning on installing a window AC right where we went up the wall . Now , I'm no brainiac , but does a window AC work optimally if the drippy end is in a garage ? So , all that piping is another work in progress - I was not going to rechop the floor to move the pipes over .

    Today the customer asked if theres a way to get the hot water to the sinks faster - with the boiler so far away it takes about 45 seconds . We have used the under counter recirc before with mixed results . I thought why not use the 1/4 inch temp oil line for reciculation ? It was in the trench all the way from the garage to where the boiler sat originally . Is there a bronze pump made that can gear down for a 1/4 inch oil line ?

    I won't be there to see the completed job - taking a 2 day cruise to nowhere from Manhattan tomorrow . And this mini-vacation could not come at a better time , I am exhausted .
  • J.C.A._3
    J.C.A._3 Member Posts: 2,981
    Other than....

    The skimcoat guys and painters being PISSED at you, I see a fine install.(they gotta paint and fill around your "straight and level" piping The EMT running down a wall joint will throw them into an absolute tizzy!)

    Enjoy your well deserved "getaway". At least you had more than a day to do the boiler transplant to the garage. Please, if at all possible, show some pictures of the finished product.

    Have a nice Pina Colada (specify 151 Bicardi) for me! Chris
  • Ahh , that's an easy fix

    The box and the clamps can be unscrewed from the wall pretty quick . I also left about 2 inches of room to the roof rafters so he can hang the 5/8 rock . The only problem is the oil line and the 1/2 inch hose bib pipe on the left . If theres a will , there a way .

    I'll have a few Pina Coladas for you buddy . First time on a cruise for me , hopefully not the last .
  • lchmb
    lchmb Member Posts: 2,997
    just have to ask..

    I notice in alot of your pic's that your extrol tank is upside down? (not picking, your work is excellent) but coming from a service tech, at two in the morning when that tank has decided to fill completely. I really hate them being upside down!! Talk about a bath...no matter how quick you flip you get soaked, specially if you have to break them off...One other question, is there a code against a shutoff on an extrol tank? Make's it very convenient to replace them that way...
  • Mark Eatherton1
    Mark Eatherton1 Member Posts: 2,542
    I guarantee you...

    it won't be your last...

    Tell us how many pounds you gained when you get back!

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  • Well , theres a flip side to the story

    and it happens all the time - spinning an expansion tank out when it is hanging down properly , only to find at the last second , it's full and it's heavy . I'd rather it
    spill some water and be able to control the tank . Going by the boilers we replace , the tanks last just as long hanging down as they do standing up . Hey reminds me - I just took out a #15 Extrol with a date code of 1986 - not water logged and it was on the boiler sideways all that time .

    We used to add a valve before the tank , but the pressure buildup with the valve closed is scary . My partner Kenny got sprayed in the face once from the pressure still in the tank . A valve and drain would work better . Thanks for the input lchmb
  • kevin coppinger_4
    kevin coppinger_4 Member Posts: 2,124
    I have never heard....

    of a code opposing a shutoff on an diaphragm tank....In fact I use a gas cock on them at every chance get for the replacement issue. 3 bucks well spent....kpc
    PS-Raven sales has them w/ drains built in
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  • Thats all I do

    is gain the lbs . I hear the food on these ships is fantastic .
  • ScottMP
    ScottMP Member Posts: 5,884
    The original install

    dos'nt look to bad. I was wondering if a skinny kid with a strong back and a pomytail did that install ?

    Ron 1/4" tubing would be a little small for a recirc, allthought I suppose in the right install it oculd work. You wer'nt thinking of using the "old" line right ?

    Ahhh plumbing, finding that little bit of sediment can be a buster.

    Have fun on the cruise Pal, if anyone deserves it, its you.
    You may be pie-eyed after having a drink for all of us :).

    One for Chris

    One for Scott

    One for ME

    Thish ones for DAnny

    I love theese guys Hic !


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  • The original installers

    were Fred and Dave - the father and son team at Meenan . Fred retired a few years ago , but Dave is still with us . Back in 90 was my prime time doing steamers in the city .

    I ran a brand new temp line through the chop , just to connect the burner in the garage for a day or 2 . I was thinking of connecting that new 1/4 inch line to the hot pipe in the pit where the boiler used to sit , and run it back to the inlet of the coil , hook it in like a regular recirc line . It does not need much flow to keep the hot side hot , so a slow speed pump might do the trick . We used the recirc pump setup under a sink once and it let too much hot water into the cold - the toilet was steaming , and not from number 2 .

    Let me tell ya , plumbing troubleshooters are worth their weight in gold . I was literally going out of my mind trying to track down the clog . But what a feeling when you find it and fix it .

    OK , looks like I'll be lining up more than a few drinks . You want the sordid details of what happens after I go over the top ? Take care Scott .
  • hr
    hr Member Posts: 6,106
    Clever thinking, and good work

    as usual. A nice job to wind up before cruise time!

    A plumber in my area uses 3/8" copper tube for recirc lines all the time. 1/4" may work depending on the loop length. 1/2 or less gpm is plenty to keep the pipes warm. A trickle flow is all that is needed to make this happen. Heck a dripping hot water tap serves the purpose :)

    It may be better than the 3/4" that a lot of plumbers use. Lots of heatloss and uneeded flow for the task at hand.

    Especially when they throw a high head pump in the recirc line.

    Let us know how it works.

    hot rod

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  • BillW@honeywell
    BillW@honeywell Member Posts: 1,099
    Great work as usual, Ron!

    BTW, I saw a neat recirc package of pump, timer & mix valve at a trade show last week. Grundfoss makes it. It may be too late for this job, but may be good for the next one. Yes the cruise ship food is good, and available 24/7! Want a double whammy cholesterol burger at 4AM? You can get it! Take advantage of the gym after the Bloody Marys' for breakfast. Have a ball!
  • lchmb
    lchmb Member Posts: 2,997

    I alway's like to hear other thought's on this..I'll keep this in mind the next time I do an install...oh wait..that's tomorrow..:)
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