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JimGPE_3 Member Posts: 240
To all who fought, to all who gave a loved one to the fighting, thank you.

My peace, my prosperity was bought by the blood of thousands and thousands of men and women I will never know.

I try to pass on the sense of gratitude to my children, who, God willing, will never pay the ultimate price for what this country stands for.

A few years ago I visited the Allied Forces cemetary in Normandy. I stepped off the bus and just stood there, looking at all the crosses. The most overwhelming sense was that I will never do anything so noble with my life as these men and women did.

To all who fought, to all who gave a loved one to the fighting, to all who stood a post, to all who cared for the wounded, to all who cooked the food, to all who flew the planes, to all who sent their loved ones, thank you.

You did it for me, and for hundreds of thousands just like me who live in peace.

May God bless you, and may God bless America.


  • JB_2
    JB_2 Member Posts: 68

    Would like to wish everyone a happy memorial day weekend.try and give thanks. jb.
  • Leo
    Leo Member Posts: 767
    I hope they never forget

    At 51 I remember on Memorial Day the WWII and Korean Vets marching and the remaining few WWI Vets riding. Today the WWI men are gone and the remaining WWII and Korean Vets don't have many left who can still march. When I hear Taps and the 21 Gun Salute it brings tears to my eyes. As I am typing this there is a Special on the History Channel dedicating the WWII Memorial in Washing DC. Too many younger people today will never be exposed to the large numbers of veterans, the tears, and the stories of lost fathers and uncles. We have to never let them forget the sacrifice of so many so that we can live the life we live today. We have to keep the memories alive and pray they never have to witness or be part of what those before us were part of in order to truly appreciate life in a Free Country.
    Lets pray for the troops presently serving on foreign soil to come home quickly.

    USMC 1971-1973
  • Jimmy Gillies
    Jimmy Gillies Member Posts: 250
    Always remember.

    We should always remember these brave people, without them we would not be free today.
    Jimmy Gillies Scotland.
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