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No hot water coming to some zones

Dave_22 Member Posts: 232
If all zone valves are supposed to turn on at the same time, check to see if the other ones are getting power when your one zone comes on. If not, start back tracking from there. What controls the zone valves? Boiler or do you have some type of zone controller?


  • No hot water coming to some zones

    I have an oil-hot-water heating system with four zones. My thermostats seem to be erratic...I can get one of the zones to work fine, the others don't seem to activate when the thermostat is turned up. The one zone-valve that works, clearly kicks in as soon as you adjust the therm., but the others are silent. There is electricity getting to the therms...a small spark is visible when the mercury hits the wires. What could be going on?
  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    Look for one loose wire.

    i think you may have a combination of stuff going on,maybe a bad zone valve or two and a loose wire. it needs to be connected to the terminal or wire nut correctly. for now turn up all the thermostats manually open the zone valves make sure they work one at a time,after you have some heat in the rooms. see if the wires from zone to zone are connected securely.if they are all happening then look for a thing that looks like a little metal block that Powers the zones it may be the problem also.
  • What brand of

    Zone Valves are these
  • John@Reliable_9
    [email protected]_9 Member Posts: 122
    Yes, what type of valve and.................

    has the system been purged?
  • steve_38
    steve_38 Member Posts: 74
    1 step at a time

    to really be sure the thermostat is calling...
    on low voltage thermostats, disconnect thermostat from wall.
    twist tie the wires together, and the zone valve should open up, unless wireing is not correct, or there is short in the thermostat wire. "check for continuity" with electrical meter. it's not to easy for me to find the answer to your problem when i'm not there. if knowone has touch the system and it was working fine up until now, it could be a bad zone valve motor, or air in the system, ummm hmmm double check thermostats... good luck!
  • Mike, if you will

    give us the type of zone valves we will give you an exact troubleshooting procedure to find the problem. It is not possible to help you with out some exact information. There are a lot of different types of zone valves.
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