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Wonder if I could use a munchkin for...

hr Member Posts: 6,106
swimming pool heater! Aftr all it is stainless :) Seems like an excellent temperature range for it. The pool, filter, pump would be a primary circuit and I closely tee the Munchkin into it with a bronze pump!

I have a customer that contacted me about a solar heater for her indoor pool. After looking into piping and attaching 400 sq. ft of collector to a roof that is blocked by shade trees. I wondering as much as I love solar, that maybe this is not an ideal solar application.

She has already gone through 2 Teledyne 175K pool heaters, not bad for 20 years of service, I suppose.

LP costs are getting her down, although she doesn't heat it in the winter months.

I suppose worse case I use a pool HX, or maybe a Triangle Tube indirect tank with pool water through the inner stainless, and the munchkin tied to the outer tank. I'd have to balance flow rates through the pool pump side. Seems it should be more efficient than a copper tube pool heater??

Thoughts, comments?

hot rod

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  • Paul Bock_2
    Paul Bock_2 Member Posts: 40
    Pool heaters

    Pool heaters differ from boilers in terms of operating and saftey limit controls. There are some minor construction differances as well. The regulatory listing is also differant from that of a boiler or hot water heater. If a manufacturer has not specifically listed an appliance as a pool heater I would not reccomend that it be used to directly heat the water in a pool. I would strongly encourage the use of a heat exchanger with a manual reset high limit on the outlet side, in conjuntion with an appliance that is not a listed pool heater.

  • S Davis
    S Davis Member Posts: 491

    Their manual say's not to use it in an open system.

    S Davis
  • hr
    hr Member Posts: 6,106
    Just thinking out loud, guys

    I'm pretty up to speed on the use of Munchkins :) But, you are right, we don't want to see Munchkins sold on the internet next week as pool heaters! Or do we :)

    Just thinking outside the box a little.

    DO NOT try these experiments at home folks, without adult or manufactures supervision. There is my disclaimer for my "out of the ordinary application" posts :)

    I'm thinking more along the lines of condensing heaters and pool applications, not specifically the Munchkin, per say. Although I believe the munch HX started life as a HX in a DHW heater, back in the old country :) Open systems with good water quality shouldn't be a problem any more than a Rinnai or Tagaki type of instantanous??

    hot rod

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  • jw
    jw Member Posts: 62
    Ask Mr Davis

    Dave Davis has (last I knew) one of the munchkins directly heating his pool. I have used them, but installed pex in the flooor of the pool so the filtration and heating were separate.

  • beeper
    beeper Member Posts: 32
    Dave has one on his pool but is only trying it and we do not

    want to market it as such. We prefere to have one use the Munchkin along with our SSU20PH pool heater. The reason is that we can not control the amount of chemicals used to treat the pool and the long term affects could fail the Munchkin. We have 6 or so applicationd like Daves so we can record the affects of it in this application. At this time we don not want to market it as a pool heater in an open loop application so the pool water is heated directly through the Munchkin.

    You can go to www.htproducts.com to see the pool heater if so desired
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