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extra heat source

Tim_18 Member Posts: 6
Hi gang. I'm starting to prepare to install my Tarm wood boiler with the heat storage tank. I would like to install some kind of electric backup unit to heat the system if we happen to be away from home, and not be able to fire up the boiler. I have suggestions of putting an immersion heater in the storage tank. It holds 680 gallons of water so how much heater do I need. Another suggestion is a instant hot water heater installed in the line before the manifold. Any answers or further suggestions will be most appreciated. Thanks in advance for any help. Tim


  • Ken_8
    Ken_8 Member Posts: 1,640
    Need more info. i.e,

    What's the "load" (BTU demand on coldest day of year).

    Why electric? Why not oil, gas or LP? In most areas, electric is obscenely expensive.

    Need a lot more details about your system.

    Tell us about the house. Basement? Chimney? Construction?

    You've come to the right place.

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  • Tim_18
    Tim_18 Member Posts: 6
    return to ken.

    hi Ken thanks for the response, and the further questions. I'm choosing electric for the ease of incorperating it into the system. I'm in Quebec, so electric is still reasonable. I'm in a very rural setting so gas is not avaiable, oil would require another boiler, and with our fuel prices, ouch. Like I said it is only a backup if for chance we are not home to feed the boiler. the house is 1700 square feet, on 2 stories. I built a wood foundation, and I have radiant tubing in the basement floor as well as the main floor. The house is 2x6 construction. As for btu. demand on the coldest day I can't tell you at this time. My Tarm boiler will produce 140,000 btu's. Excess heat from the intense burn is stored in the heat storage tank in the basement. The boiler will be housed in a seperate shed near the house. See more about this unit at "www.woodboilers.com" They do sell a boiler with a gas or oil back up built in to the unit, but with the cost of the dollar exchange we could not afford all the bells and whistles. I work winters in the bush, so wood was an easy choice as I haul home leftovers each night. I have generated quite an interest in this system, as the outdoor wood stoves seem to be looseing their appeal, as smoke belching wood eating systems. So I hope it turns out as good as they claim. I hope that this is enough info for you to point me in the right direction. thanks again Tim..
  • Mike Kraft_2
    Mike Kraft_2 Member Posts: 398
    How about..........

    an electric boiler?I have not installed any but I know heatboy had a post a few weeks ago with a real state of the art system.Try the Wall's search engine.Another suggestion would be a Monitor kerosene heater.They calim 97% efficiency.They also provide up to 43K BTU rating.I do realize you said oil costs are up but you also said it is a back-up.Try www.monitorproducts.com.

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