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Weil Mclain Ultra boiler noise

John MacGregor
John MacGregor Member Posts: 41
We just put in an ultra 80 boiler in the house and works great and can see where it is gonna be very efficent. The problem is that if it has sat idle for a while and starts up we get a loud humming noise through the chimmny vent pipe. It lasts about 15 to 30 sec and then will quit and run quietly after that till is sits for a while again. It really dont hurt anything other than it is annoying to listen to. Any ideas here?


  • Floyd_5
    Floyd_5 Member Posts: 418
    What you are hearing is...

    the blower running up to full speed when it frist comes on..
    Sounds like you may need some vibration isolation between the intake and exhaust pipes and the floor joists or whatever they are hooked too.
    Shouldn't be a very tough problem to solve...

  • John MacGregor
    John MacGregor Member Posts: 41

    It is a harmonics problem tho we have held on to the pipes and made sure that they are not touching and things like that but it comes from down inside the boiler itself and then echos out.
  • Kal Row
    Kal Row Member Posts: 1,520
    i could be a marginal cumbustion fan

    or the electronics that drive it -
    also you could isolate the cpvc from the machine with stainless flexi - there are a bunch of brands for that

    if nothing is wrong, it might be standing ways - where the length of pipe happens to be tuned to the sound or vib of the system or a harmonic therof - so that the source wave and the relected wave meet, and reinforce each other at a point that's very audiable - for that, you simply change the length, increase it outside - but i think a flexi should do it - i used a flexi with success on a freash air vent fan - if the noise is on the intake - you can also insulate it

    but first check out the unit - it's modulating fan takes off up front to purge and slows down gradually - it'a a pity it was designed for the boiler room instead of the kitchen like the vie$$mann vitoden200
  • Paul_28
    Paul_28 Member Posts: 113

    How big is your house? Iintend to install the 105, maybe the 80 is a better choise...
  • Frank bartol
    Frank bartol Member Posts: 1
    Vibration at start-up

    I had a vibration at start-up on a small Carrier oil-fired boiler about 10-11 yrs ago. What solved the problem was changing the nozzle type, either solid to hollow or the other way around, I don't remember which. Now what was happening and why the noise that's another question.
  • jerry_6
    jerry_6 Member Posts: 4

    we are a Weil distributer in the chicago area and had a noise complaint similar to yours.We found the problem due to low gas pressure.when the incoming gas pressure would fall below 3" the inducer would "growl" or resonate.
  • LaDon Sams
    LaDon Sams Member Posts: 2

    The house is 52ft by 28ft with an upstairs and a downstairs only the downstairs has a garage on one end of it so right now we are heating about a total of 2300 sq ft but after I recement the garage floor then it will be heating about 2900 sq ft. They said that was plenty for that type of house and I am in northwest Iowa so it gets pretty cold here. Also they said that I have a defective gas valve that is why it is doing that so they are gonna take care of it. So far from the old boiler to this one it kind of is looking like it will cut the gas bill in about half so it is looking good. If you would want any more info you can email me at [email protected].
  • LaDon Sams
    LaDon Sams Member Posts: 2

    Jerry we had the gas company come and check that and reset the pressure to what it was supposed to be but it still did it.
    LEAD PIPE Member Posts: 199

    What is the Gas pressure supposed to be and where did they test for it? At the meter? the boiler? I have not had good luck with the gas co in my area I’ve had to deal with them 4 times in the past 2 weeks and they got it wrong 4 out of 4.
  • Nron_9
    Nron_9 Member Posts: 237
    gas test

    You might want to test at the apliance wwhile on and off with a good digital manometer , i just retired my old analog one myself its not accurate enough for the new stuff
  • RELY
    RELY Member Posts: 33
    Gas valve noise

    > You might want to test at the apliance wwhile on

    > and off with a good digital manometer , i just

    > retired my old analog one myself its not accurate

    > enough for the new stuff

  • RELY
    RELY Member Posts: 33
    Gas valve noise

    we had same problem on an Ultra 105, but at start you need to run flue gas test to see if boiler is running in the limits set by W/M. This one was not, called rep and met same have new gas valve on boiler.What I have found is from talking with most of my brothers in the trade that have installed an Ultra or equal that they are not running the flue gas test, out of 12 Ultra's installed 2 were tested the way I read it no test no warranty. This is required at start up and can point the way to problems with the boiler early.
  • Robert O'Connor_7
    Robert O'Connor_7 Member Posts: 688
    Same problem...

    installed an 80 and had a similar noise. As jerry posted it was incorrect gas pressure. Truthfully I did not test before putting it into service and with a 1&1/2" gas service and a dedicated line within 10 feet of the meter it never even occured to me until I put my gauge on it. Turns out there was a leak outside and corrosion causing the 3" condition recogized. The utility repaired it and the problem disapeared...Robert O'Connor/NJ
  • Robert_8
    Robert_8 Member Posts: 1

    Had three Ultra 230? on LP with the same thing I tried about everything testing, testing, finaly found the pressure problem in the gas. The LP company had a heater on the tank ( liguid out of tank ) the reguator when the total load came on 3,600,000 btus would stick and give me 2 " on the boilers after a shut down. Sun then would heat the regulator up and be fine. Took me three weeks , rep, and salesman trips to get to the problem. cheak the pressure at the boiler. I left a water mon. on it to finaly fine it.
  • gg1man
    gg1man Member Posts: 1
    Weil McLain Ultra 80 noise

    We have a Weil McLain Ultra-80 boiler that makes a constant humming sound when operating.

    The noise can hardly be heard when standing next to the boiler. However when I am upstairs, first or second floors, the noise can clearly be heard. I've spoken with Tech Support about it, but they haven't had any issues with noise.
  • Jason_13
    Jason_13 Member Posts: 304

    I have found this to be the O2 setting off and causing a harmonics. When the fan speed changes an few seconds after start-up it goes away. Check combustion settings on high.
  • stksteve25
    stksteve25 Member Posts: 1
    noise problem

    I would also suggest that you have the boiler properly tuned with a combustion analyser.  I have see this multiple times on the burnham alpine.  Once adjusted the noise goes away and you boiler will also be working a maximum efficiency
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