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Wirsbo AquaPex

Mike Kraft_2
Mike Kraft_2 Member Posts: 398
Hello again,

I use this product quite liberally (sorry all you to the right :) )with much happiness and success.The one thing that I do not care for about using pex for DW is the trim out.I use chrome sleeves,bell escuteons and compression stops on my trim outs for all of the fixtures regardless of the locations.For tank supplies on water closets I have used the 1/2" FNPT x drop earred ell and used chrome nips.Ideally it would be MARVELOUS if Wirsbo could manufacture a 1/2"pex X 3/8" FNPT drop earred fitting for this and pedestals!!!!That way I could accomidate various flavors of trim accents.

To the question..................I have been installing compression valves.Brass Craft makes a specific valve packaged for pex tube.It includes the SS insert but does not have a split ferrule.The ferrule is solid.I have many of these installed in the "field" :) and do not wish to experience a catastrophe.Page 42 of the Installation Handbook does not put an emphasis on the ferrule.Only regards of importance are to the SS insert.



  • Tony_8
    Tony_8 Member Posts: 608

    Has valves to convert from PEX to compression for risers using the expander tool, straight and angle. As far as split or solid compression rings, what's the issue ? It's not the sealing surface.
  • Darin Cook
    Darin Cook Member Posts: 20
    Copper stub out ells

    I use the copper x pex stub out ells with the propex expander tool. I also use the copper rough in brackets that you can solder the ell into and secure it to the studs. This gives you alot of strength and keeps movement to a minimum. It also allows you to use chrome tube stops to hide everything. The ells are in the Wirsbo catalog. Hope this helps.
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