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Service Round Table

Have you ever been in the spot where you realize you just left money on the table? Have you ever been on the receiving end? It's nice on this end, makes you smile and wonder how did that happen.
Matt Michel, the owner of the Service Round Table in my opinion is leaving money on the table everytime he allows a new member to join at $ 50.00 bucks a month.
Being a member of the SRT. I have shared and received many ideas that have either saved other contractors money, or made our company money. It has been extremely valuable for me to be able to ask questions and receive input from some of the best Coaches and HVAC Contractors in our industry. You may be thinking I really don't want to share my ideas, I did. But what I found out was that yes a few of my competitors are members, but it's the ones who are high caliber, and charge what they should, so it evens the field. I like playing on an even field, I feel the odds are in my favor.
Next year will be 80 years in the HVAC field for us, and 25 years for me, but I don't expect that to mean to much to you, but it should drive you to at least look at the SRT. I think they still have a free offer, which is what we did some time ago. We made money off of the other members post while using the free month, so when we joined the profits we had made paid for the membership, and continue to do so on a monthly bases.
Just our opinion.

Bryan Tabor,
Service Manager,
Shoemaker Air Conditioning,
Caring For Your Comfort Since 1925


  • Al_11
    Al_11 Member Posts: 34
    Marty Heer

    Since joining SRT I have recieved more E-mail then I wan't but I just keep reading. I always seem to find something that is relevant to my situation.
    I am a small mom & pop shop that would like to increase business and get some security. So I pick up a tid bit now and then from the SRT.
    My question is has anyone heard of Marty Heer, are his ideas any good? Is this just another scam?
    Supposedly he has some marketing ideas that can get the phone ringing during the slow times.
    appreciate any answeres
  • help
    help Member Posts: 1
    in floor radiant heating btu output per square foot

    I hung 1/2" pex on first floor of home built in the early 1800's with reflective bubble material and r-19 fiberglass

    double wood flooring and some carpet on first floor level with loops no greater than 250' each back to manifold with a modulating condencing boiler.

    sidewall insulation and windows were recommended but not selected. The building looses temperature during sub zero temperatures in Syracuse.

    the owner wants to increase the water temperatures from 140 to 180.

    what cause and effect will this incresed temperature have on the following:

    - will it damage flooring or sub flooring?

    - what is the approximate btu output of 140 degree water
    per square foot?

    - what is the approximate btu output of 180 degree water
    per square foot?

    - on a condencing boiler is the effeciency drop dramatic or
    marginal with the increased temperatures?

    - i am suggesting the installation of decorative radiators
    off a new zone to support temperature loss over increasing supply temperatures to 180.

    please advise
  • Al_11
    Al_11 Member Posts: 34
    radiant heat

    Your customer has to do the recommendations you proposed,
    I think that you have to take care of the obvious problems before you start putting on the band aids. By that I mean
    before you raise the temp. to 180 (which has to effect efficiency in a bad way)raising the temp is not solving the problem it is just masking it at a cost. It sounds like the real problem is the house leaks badly and needs to be sealed up. I am not familiar with the bubble wrap you mentioned. I am familiar with the aluminum heat transfer plates used under the floor. This might also be part of the problem.
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