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My wife is getting pissed that I spend so much time in here. She is telling me she is going to hack this sight so we all can spend more time with are wifes. Please help me figuare out how to deal with her. Thanks, a loving wethead


  • Bud_14
    Bud_14 Member Posts: 200
    OH Well

    My wife often gives me an ultamatium...you know the rest of the story...

    Looks like, I'm gonna miss her, when I shut down, right now i'm on the net, just browsing around...I'm sure she will hit me, before she goes...as I hand her my credit card, and send her off to kohls...

  • Mad Dog
    Mad Dog Member Posts: 2,595
    I've found that you have to strictly limit the time you spend

    here otherwise the family and business gets neglected> MR "Holomun" was very wise to create thei thiong called the Wall because now he has an alibi.....If she gets real cranky, tell her< Honey....I'm learninbg and networking so we can make more $$$$$ which really is true. Its a balancing act. Mad Dog

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  • Steve Paul
    Steve Paul Member Posts: 83
    My Wife

    Doesn't run my business or my computer! I ALWAYS have the final word!
    Yes dear, coming dear!
  • Al Letellier
    Al Letellier Member Posts: 781

    Sounds to me that you need to get her more involved with the business. We work together in our office and it's all about "cross-training".....you teach her about the wall, and she'll teach you how to do the laundry......gri and bear it!!!

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  • again

    I am told there are a lot of nut cases like me.
  • Brian
    Brian Member Posts: 285

    I was fortunate to marry Miss Right.I just didn't notice that her first name was Always.

  • Jimmy Gillies
    Jimmy Gillies Member Posts: 250

    My wife ran away with my best pal...........God I miss him.
  • Nron_9
    Nron_9 Member Posts: 237

    the best thing to do is if she wants to get you off the wall is talk to her about what your posting and she will either convert or wander off in absolute bordom ( like shopping does to us )the wal-mart for them the wall for us
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