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selecting the next best nozzle

jaybee Member Posts: 128


  • jaybee
    jaybee Member Posts: 128
    nozzle selecting

    Hi guys i was just wondering how do u know what is the next best nozzel to select if u dont have the one that the manufactor recomends? Also on some burners i see a range the manufactor recomends ,How do u know which to choose? Help!
  • nozzles

    Not to dodge your question but ....nozzle selection and the ability to safely and efficiently deviate from manufacturer's specs comes with experience. Simple changes such as; the firing rate is .85 but you only have a .75 can be made by increasing pump pressure to 125psi this will give you a .84 firing rate. More difficult changes and the ability to do so will come with time. Wish I could be of more help.
    Dave Mayer Sr.
  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    10 10

    old saying stay within 10 degrees on nozzel and .10 gal on oil side..... there is a wee bit more to it than that however it is a fairly old saying.
  • John@Reliable_9
    John@Reliable_9 Member Posts: 122
    One big word is in order here Liability!

    One big word is in order here Liability!
    It is always best to install what unit manufacture claims will work the best.
    They have done the testing for what works best. Once you change what they say works all the liability is on you, this also includes interchanging different brands. Take a good look at let’s say a .85 80 B and a .85 80 S while both claim to be solid they are not. Because what company D thinks is solid company H thinks different. On problem jobs all you can do is try nozzle x,y,z and TEST! Until you get good test results and document your results just incase a problem happens down the road. Insurance company will always look for someone to blame. Now let me really throw a wrench in the works, if new burner is a retrofit all bets are off, because there are no factory spec’s to use so you are now the expert and with proper testing of different nozzles you will find what works best.
    You should check out hot tech topics for some great sites and books about what we do on the oil side.
    Oil Tech Talk . com and Firedragon.com are some
    Hope this helps John@Reliable
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