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ESBE valve vs. 3-way thermostatic mixing valve?

Allied Member Posts: 31
I am having a hard time locating an ESBE (R.E. Michel sells only 140F), and was wondering if a mixing valve would work just as well. ESBE is rated to 230F, a Taco 5000 series mixing valve to 210F. Mixing valve would allow adjustable return temp as opposed to fixed 140F and be less expensive. Am I missing something? Thanks.


  • Justin Gavin
    Justin Gavin Member Posts: 129
    ESBE 3 way valves

    Rehau sells them and they offer them and they offer them with 2 models. Talk to the wholesaler that offers Rehau in your area. They are a little more than a Taco but they sell they come in a compression copper configuration that saves time.

    Good Luck
  • Mr. Bill
    Mr. Bill Member Posts: 71
    Allied, where are you?

    Let me know where you are and I will see if I can put you in touch with a supplier in your area.

  • Boilerpro_3
    Boilerpro_3 Member Posts: 1,231
    Just watch your CV ratings

    The ESBE has a very high flow rating at low pressure drop. Don't know about the Tacos, but must generic mixing valves have very low CV ratings. ESBE makes one in copper, that would be handy!

  • hr
    hr Member Posts: 6,106
    Why do you need an adjustable

    version? HVAC distributing in KC has the fixed Paxtons 800- 255-4383 in stock.

    hot rod

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  • Allied
    Allied Member Posts: 31
    Flow Coefficient Cv

    Thanks BP. I am still on the look out for a low temp ESBE.

    In the 1" versions, the ESBE Cv is 10.4, the Taco 3.8. The max flow on the Taco is 22.5 gpm. The boiler is piped as a secondary and using a 007 so I would probably be OK.

  • Allied
    Allied Member Posts: 31
    Lower temp boiler protection.

    Thanks for everyones help. Best wishes for the weekend.

    This low mass oil boiler is supposed to be OK with 120F returns (Delta T of 35F). When calling around, I have only found 140F versions. PaxtonCorp sells the ESBE TV Thermal Bypass Valve, but only in the 140F version.

    I now understand 45C and 55C (113F,131F) versions may be available, but as a special order.

    I've read that these were originally intended for systems where the radiators are fed from a storage tank heated by solid fuel boiler. I am a bit surprised ESBE (Danfoss) is the only manufacturer I have found of this type of valve.
  • Boilerpro_3
    Boilerpro_3 Member Posts: 1,231
    Another word of Caution

    High delta tees on boiler loops can get you in trouble if you have a higher temp system needing a lower delta tee than the boiler. If you have a system designed for 180F return, then the boiler return will be 180. That means with a 20F delta tee system the system supply will be 200F and the boiler will need to supply 215F. Then you will need a minimum high limit setting of 220F or higher(depending on its differential), pretty hot and rough on the boiler.

  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    sparky ...

    hmmmm.... i think honewell am series AM102B-US-1 ....60 - 100degrees... HBAM 102B-us. sweat 1" low temp .
  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232

    if you have oil you need to do the math on it as it will need a bypass to Accellerate the temp at the or before the boiler unless viessman or mmmmm buderas..
  • Radiant Wizard
    Radiant Wizard Member Posts: 159

    YOUR ARE LOOKING FOR PART NUMBER 3080 3/4" & 3081 1" - RANGE 100-150 OR 85-120.
  • Mark J Strawcutter
    Mark J Strawcutter Member Posts: 625

    I think I'm missing something. Why would the boiler supply need to be 215?

  • Allied
    Allied Member Posts: 31
    Mixing valve for boiler protection?

    I did look at the SPARCOMIX AM series mixing valve (AM102-1, 100F-145F, Cv 4.3, 16 GPM max).

    My concern, and the reason for my question, is that boiler protection is not listed as an application for mixing valves in the literature I've seen. Would it work as shown in the diagram above? Would there be issues with the cold inlet side (the system return) being hotter than the upper mix range of 145F?
  • Allied
    Allied Member Posts: 31
    Running low system temps.

    Thanks BP

    Lots of C.I. Rads in this application. Only seen the need for 180 out of a setback.

    I could use a buffer tank, VSI, and outdoor reset. However, I think the simple course of a thermostatically controlled bypass should work well. The system has been working reasonably well with a manually controlled bypass and a thermostat set to 3 CPH.

  • Allied
    Allied Member Posts: 31
    Thermostatic Mixing Valve for boiler protection?

    > YOUR ARE LOOKING FOR PART NUMBER 3080 3/4" & 3081

    > 1" - RANGE 100-150 OR 85-120.

    Thanks for the pointer to the valve. I am questioning whether a thermostatic mixing valve like the RTIsystems 3081 would work as shown in my diagram above. The valve is rated for a max 45,000 BTU. The boiler does more than that.
  • Joe Mattiello
    Joe Mattiello Member Posts: 703
    Taco 5000 series

    Taco 5000 series is a suitable alternative to the ESBE valve. For your convenience I have attached a catalog, and submittal data information to help with your selection.

    Joe Mattiello
    Technical Support Services
    Tel. 401-942-8000 X 484
    Fax. 401-942-2360
    [email protected]
    Joe Mattiello
    N. E. Regional Manger, Commercial Products
    Taco Comfort Solutions
  • Dave H_2
    Dave H_2 Member Posts: 545
    Thermostatic valve


    Correct, the 3080 and 3081 are not for themostatic bypass valves like you are looking for.

    Those Danfoss Thermic Bypass valves are slick. If my memory serves me right, the element that controls water temp return into the boiler is just like a thermostat that used to easily accessable in our cars not too long ago. 4 bolts and you can change out the element . If you can't get your hands on the temp range you need but want to finish the piping, maybe getting the element at a later date is an option.

    Dave H.
    Dave H
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