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Another Polaris

So I went on a call for no heat and found a cracked ignitor and some wetness around it. I dryed the wetness and will see today if it comes back. Condensate drain line is clear and I have a feeling this might be another crack tank. I sure dont want to tell the home owner this so I am hoping you all might tell me what it could be otherwise.I have never had to identify a crack polaris but I think it is a crack that only leaks when the tank heats up. Please tell me different.Thanks, Mike


  • GEO_3
    GEO_3 Member Posts: 67

    I ran into wetness around the igniter on a system on well water. Turned out when the tank weny down due to bad igniter. The cold incoming water formed condensation that soaked the bottom of the tank. It was on the outside of the tank but as soon as you dropped the igniter down it would get soaked. This was in a restaurant so with the high volume of water the tank cooled fast. That along with the high ambient temp caused it to sweat pretty good.
  • S Davis
    S Davis Member Posts: 491
    Tank Temp

    Make sure your tank temp is above 140, below that and condensation will drip on the igniter and cause it to burn out.
    I had one and could not figure out why it kept going through igniters, found out the customer had turned down the tank temp thinking they where saving money.

    S Davis
  • Wayco Wayne_2
    Wayco Wayne_2 Member Posts: 2,479
    It's probably not

    a cracked tank or it would leak all of the time. There's a lot of condensation down there where the ignitor is. Put a shallow dish under the open ignitor opening while your waiting for a new ignitor. See if any water drips. I once had a problem job with a Polaris. The poor people had gone through 5 tanks in 5 years. It would leak around the weld joints of the connections. A different place every time. Tech support finally had me drive a stake into the ground outside and measure millivolts to see if there was a potential difference between the tank and the ground stake. There was. Turns out it was an old house, and the ground for the electric panel was a clamp on the cold water pipe in the crawlspace. It was not a good ground and any stray voltage in the house was trying to ground out through the Polaris' tank. This was causing the tank to corrode really fast. We drove a new 7 foot grounding rod for the house and no more problems. (whew! thank god!)WW

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  • ed_18
    ed_18 Member Posts: 1

    i have found many cracked poloris heaters. they were all over 10yrs old, and they were leaking in the eco/t stat area. i did have 1 that was leaking from the inside. it would leak after shut down and cause lock-outs
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