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fire caulk and pex

rod robbins
rod robbins Member Posts: 50
I have wirsbo he pex and aqua pex in the house i am building and the inspector wants fire caulk around any wires or pex that comes through the plates in the walls.Is there any problem with these caulks contacting the pex?I would not want to caulk around the tube and have the caulk damage the pex.
Thanks for the quick answers to my questions.


  • Intombescent caulk


    Wirsbo has their own fire stop caulking. They sell AquaSafe combined domestic water & fire supression systems. I don't have that catalog (not approved in MA yet) . However, I'm sure you can find it in their website.

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  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    it is done every day.

    depending on the inspector and thier reasons for the silicon....some consider the idea of air around the pex as a fire path..some are concerned with infiltration of noxious fumes ...whatever,some loose insulation with silicone over it fo them to see usually satisfies the inspector. eschueons siliconed to the wall over that equasion usually satisfy me:) it just looks neater:)
  • rod robbins
    rod robbins Member Posts: 50

    Thanks Gary
    Good idea.I didnt think about the aquasafe.i just got the new catologs last week and noticed the aquasafe was included so i will look tomorrow.
    Thanks again
  • rodr
    rodr Member Posts: 20

    Just an update.Called wirsbo and they have never heard of fire caulk.They dont provide a product and indicated i would need to send them a copy of the msds sheet for the caulk and there enginers would have to look at it.My fire inspector insists that the national fire code requires fire stop between floors and will not sign off on this.Currently the project is shut down till i here from wirsbo.
  • Steve Bergstrom
    Steve Bergstrom Member Posts: 19
    Fire stopping Requirments ?????

    Hi Rod
    This is an interesting call.
    Did the inspector SHOW you the virb and verse in the code book what he or she is referenceing?
    Is the house you mention 1 and/or 2 family?
    Will there be 3 or more dwelling units?
    Is it more than 2 stories in hight?
    All are factors pertaining to the requirments for fire stopping.
    A good inspector will always be able to show that they are not makeing up the rules on thier own.
    Good Luck Steve
  • unbelievable !!!!

    You must have talked to the wrong receptionist.

    Let's see if we can find Tim Doran. A gem in this desert.

    I've not onely seen it,,,, I've held fire to it. It swwells:-) Fire stopping is a huge technical battle and I'm quite sure Wirsbo's up to the challenge.

    I've had inspectors make me use collars around firestop caulk. It's all about oxygen feedingpotential flames. Oh yeah,,, code matters too. Plumbing inspector may not know what is legit or not.

    we need tim doran.

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  • rodr
    rodr Member Posts: 20

    Hi guys
    i called technical service and talked to a guy named Scott Hellendrung and i did try to get him to ask around but he was just sure they had no solution.I also emailed wirsbo last night but havent heard from them yet.The inspector has been great and all inspections to this point have been fine its just the normal procedure is to caulk around these holes between floors and he would like me to caulk around the pex also.i am just not comfortable with contacting the pex with any chemical without the permision of wirsbo.It would just suck to have a problem down the road.Thanks for the support to everyone who replyed
  • If anyone can help,,,

    It's Tim Doran.

    I put out a call for help on another thread. Lets see if he's around. If he can't help,,, nobody can. He's helped me so many times,,, I want to kiss him (G)

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  • Greg Swob
    Greg Swob Member Posts: 167

    I'm with Steve. Unless you are penetrating a fire rated assembly ie- separation wall of garage/dwelling you should not need fire stopping materials. OK, not a good example, as in the UBC this is only a "modified fire rated assembly" and in the IRC, or BOCA One & Two Family Dwelling Code, NFPA 5000, etc. this wall is not required to be fire rated in detached single family dwellings. If you are in a town home, duplex, multi family, certain commercial occupancies, etc. maybe so. Or... perhaps a local code amendment calls for fire stopping. Ask for the book in this case, but don't argue with inspectors - could have repercussions later on. If you need firestopping intumescent compounds, Hilti makes an excellent assortment. First, check with the PEX people for compatibility. There are sleeves available for firestopping purposes- which may be more compatible. Greg
  • rod robbins
    rod robbins Member Posts: 50

    I agree with you greg on several of your points .There has not been a single correction on this project and all systems have passed on there first inspection.I just dont feal very profesional right now.I sure dont think i am in any position to argue with the inspector when i cant address his concernes with an answer.I hope to have this resolved next week
  • Tim Doran_2
    Tim Doran_2 Member Posts: 131
    Just emailed ya

    Medi caulk is good as is any other pure silicon caulk. We no longer supply a caulk as it is so readily available in the market already.

    Tim D.
  • Robert O'Connor_7
    Robert O'Connor_7 Member Posts: 688

    What state is this job in? Did the Inspector give you a red sticker? If so, did he cite the appropriate sub section of the code? Did the Construction Official post the structure and issue a Stop Work Order? If so, then why would that affect other trades from working? Sounds like a oversteping of ones authority. Depending on the state there may be some relief available for you. Contact me if you need assistance. I belive that no inspector should incurr undo hardship on a contractor or homeowner....Robert O'Connor/NJ
  • rod robbins
    rod robbins Member Posts: 50

    The site is in burien washington.The inspector did not red tag the site he just turned down the framing inspection.The building is ready for the sheetrock.I dont want to get into a pissing match with this guy since there has been a lot of home atomation and newer building practices used on this building and he has went along with every thing so far.Even the use of aqua pex and home run systems is new for this city.This caulk thing was very simple and was cured by a case of 3m fire caulk on the other systems.It is just my hesitance to caulk around the pex thats the problem.If fire caulk works i can have my guys fill the holes in a flash and the inspector said he will come right out.I just need the go ahead from wirsbo.I would like to thank all of you for trying to help.This place is great.
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