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Best hw boiler, 2- story house, 500 sq ft per floor.

Jimbo Member Posts: 5
I am removing an old furnace and plan on installing fin-tube and a hw boiler. Naturally, I am looking to get the most bang for the buck. It is a wooded, 2-story house with an insulated attic and full storm windows. It ahs a yankee basement, which is rather small, maybe 9' x 10', and I plan to use natural gas, single zone, and perhaps an indirect dhw tank so I can get rid of the old electric HW heater. I welcome any suggestions or ideas. Thanks, Jimbo


  • lchmb
    lchmb Member Posts: 2,997
    just a thought

    if it were me..which it's not..I would check with the local companies to see what kind of sytem's they deal with..It would not benifit you to put the biggest, most impressive system in town and not have anyone be able to service it..good luck....just out of interest, why natural gas? Your not interested in oil? just curious...:)
  • S Ebels
    S Ebels Member Posts: 2,322
    Other ideas

    Scratch the baseboard.

    Install panel rads in each room with a Thermostatic Radiator Valve (TRV) on each one. Get a good medium efficiency boiler that will run water temps down to 100-110 degrees (Buderus or Viessmann run 84-86% on gas and will handle these types of water temps) Use direct outdoor reset of your water temp. No mixing valve is needed for either of these two brands. Fire it up and enjoy the wonderfully even heat for the next 30+ years. The factory matched control for each of these boilers will also do domestic HW.

    That's a gross over-simplification but it's something I would really consider if I were you.
  • RonPR
    RonPR Member Posts: 10
    2 Story

    Look at a canadian product called Rescom baseboard it is an alumminun panel solid that is designed to look like baseboard and is a radiant heater not convection loks good and not to expensive to by Ron
  • Jimbo
    Jimbo Member Posts: 5
    Further explanation, seeking best boiler option

    I'm switching from oil because I've got 2 inground tanks that "seem" to be all right, but could present a future problem. I've already got natural gas piped into the house, so I figured to use it rather than install a new boiler and a new tank. Right now, I've got this fairly large Thatcher furnace in the basement. It's gravity-fed, no blower of any sort. So there isn't adaquate ductwork to install a new furnace without running new ductwork up to the second floor. As it stands, the furnace heats its plates, they get hot and heat slowly travells up old 8" round ducts (4 of them) to heat registers in the 1st floor flooring. When that heats the room and the heat rises to the ceiling, it then goes through open-ended floor registers cut through the ceiling to heat the second floor. So, I think I'd rather run some 3/4" tubing and some sort of fin-tube and start anew. Any suggestion and/or ideas are gladly accepted. Thanks, Jimbo
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