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Wood Boiler

don_21 Member Posts: 1
I need advice on wood boiler.I have a client that is looking to use this type of boiler.

The boiler that was shown to me looks nice,but i have several concern.

1- It share the same firebox,that it does with the oil burner,that theres for backup.
To me you would have to go out and clean the flamehead every
time it switches over.Also think there has to be a big lost in efficency as well.

The other thing that is a concern is it not a force draft.
So now I'm having nightmare of this big cresote fireball
ranging out of control.

Hmmm,maybe that why they out in the field fifty yards away.

I guess what I'm asking is would anyone like to share there experience with wood boiler,like and dislikes,and if you had to do it all over again,would ya?

And are there any wood boiler out there that have a seperate
combustion chamber?
Thanks in advance.don


  • Lloyd Nichols
    Lloyd Nichols Member Posts: 20
    Yes, we have separate chambers

    for the wood combustion and for the fossil fuel burner. We also provide a very clean, high efficiency forced draft boiler which you mentioned. Please check us out on our website www.woodboilers.com to get the details or call us at 800-782-9927.

  • Brian
    Brian Member Posts: 285
    Wood Boilers

    I have installed 3 Benjamin wood/oil boilers.The biggest concern from the customers was that the you had to feed it to often.I now steer my customers away from them.

  • David_5
    David_5 Member Posts: 250
    wood oil boilers

    I have never seen one that impressed me. If you want to burn wood get a boiler just for that. If you want to burn oil get a boiler just for that. I have one oil, one coal, no regrets.

  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232

    convert it to oil and leave it alone.
  • kevin coppinger_4
    kevin coppinger_4 Member Posts: 2,124
    I have worked w/.............

    one...only one...I think the industry as a whole over simplifies their use. To do it right 2 units are needed and a LARGE insulated storage tank. The proper controls are also needed. It is more of a way of life and hard work. There is a large upfront cost to do it right. Not just additional heating system w/ "FREE" fuel...kpc

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