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modulating boilers

smoore Member Posts: 28
Need help finding a modulating high eff. condensing boiler. The state boiler inspector in Iowa will not allow the weil mcclain ultra due to the aluminum heat exchanger. I have a job that the ultra was installed in and he is making me remove it. Customer wants high eff. condensing mod. boiler to repalce it. I have not found out yet if he will allow stainless, any suggestions will be helpfull.


  • Terry H.
    Terry H. Member Posts: 73
    Take a look at

    the Laars Summit boiler. I know he hasn't had a problem with these in the past.

    Terry H.

  • leo g_74
    leo g_74 Member Posts: 1
    have you

    contacted WM, and seen if they can appease this inspector?

    leo g
  • Joannie
    Joannie Member Posts: 96

    We have sold the Summit into Iowa. Contact me if you want information.

    Joan Mishou

    Laars Heating Systems

    [email protected]
  • Joe_13
    Joe_13 Member Posts: 201
    What size?

    Is this an apt/commercial building or a residential home?
  • Josh M.
    Josh M. Member Posts: 360

    Check out www.aerco.com
  • Justin Gavin
    Justin Gavin Member Posts: 129
    Just Curious

    What was his reasoning for not allowing an Aluminum Heat Exchanger?
  • Steve Ebels
    Steve Ebels Member Posts: 904
    What's his beef???

    If the boiler is ASME rated and carries an {H} stamp, I don't see how he can legally refuse it. (Well, there's always that "subject to local jurisdiction" clause in the code books)

    I'd give WM a call and see if they've run into this before. Somtimes inspectors can be a real pain. I had to remove and replace the first Munchkin I ever put in because it wasn't {H} rated. The inspector wouldn't accept Munchkin's letter of certification after the fact.

    I don't know what BTU output you are looking for but take a long hard look at a Vitodens. That boiler is state of the art from my experience anyway. We just fired up anther one today on an all radiant job. Way cool!! Exhaust temp running about 10* above return water temp. Testo said actual 91.7% efficiency plus condensate which was pouring into the drain. Went back the evening to check on the settings and curve and the boiler was ramped down to low fire, just idling, pumping out 102* water into the floor. They are just plain the condensing king in my book.

    The munchkin also desrves a close look for a condensing, modulating boiler. I've had nice results with them also.
  • Floyd_5
    Floyd_5 Member Posts: 418
    I'm quite sure that WM...

    would love to get their say in....
    Call Matt Downs @ 219-879-6561 if he can't help, he will direct you.....
  • Jack_23
    Jack_23 Member Posts: 153
    Definitely get W-M involved

    I cannot imagine how this local yokel can do this. Every inspector has his own buttons you have to push but this is ridiculous. I think it is time for you to get your back up on this. IMHO. What is interesting here is that the CI boiler manufs have been pushing "only Cast-iron" works to inspection services and state agencies for so long, to keep out competition, that this is the result!
  • smoore
    smoore Member Posts: 28

    thanks for all the input. This is a 310 ultra in a comm. bldg. used for public assy. I will keep everyone posted on what develops.
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