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Baseboard radiator - controlling the amount of heat

Brian_12 Member Posts: 2
I live on the fifth floor, northwest corner of a five story brick building (built in 1971.)

I get my heat via a Baseboard radiator. The steam supply to the radiator is controlled by the building maintenence man. Generally, since its a condo building, the heat is kept on the high side (especially during cold snaps like this) because the east half of the building faces Lake Michigan and gets colder than the west half.

The problem is, MY place, being the top floor and the hottest unit in the building routinely reaches 80-83 degrees when the heat is turned way up. Opening the windows does not necessarily help if the wind is calm, and doing so sucks all the humidity out of my place. I need to know if there's some way I can have a regulator installed so I can adjust the heat going into my radiator. Earlier in the year when the heat was almost totally off and outside temps were in the 40's...my place held steady at 70 degrees, which is perfect.

I think if I remove the radiator cover at the point where it enters my unit, there's a nozzle that I assume controls the steam supply, but I don't want to touch it unless I KNOW it controls the steam supply. I really have no idea how the system works or how the condensate leaves the radiator.


  • bigugh_4
    bigugh_4 Member Posts: 406
    Cheap and safe

    Go to a handicraft sales store and purchase a flannel blanket. begin to cover up the radiator a little at a time with it. until you comfortable. Decorative, inexpensive fix. The maintenence man should be asked to get you comfortable. I'd not tackle your fix unless I were a trained plumber. bigugh
  • Brian_12
    Brian_12 Member Posts: 2

    Hmm, I'll give that a try in the bedroom and see if it gets the room down to a good sleeping temperature. Most of my baseboard in there is concealed by my corner desk so its not like the cover-up would even be visible.

    I may open a dialogue with my condo association about the temperature. The thing that's always puzzled me is that my unit has a thermostat (old) that must have worked at one time to control something, but isn't currently hooked up to anything!

    Obviously, if I try to regulate the steam supply, I'll hire someone to do it.
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