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Boiler comparison

Paul Owen
Paul Owen Member Posts: 1
Both the Peerless and the WeilMclain are dinosaurs in my opinion. You can do much better with a smarter boiler with energy management features on it. Check out System 2000 .COM Assuming we are talking about hot water heating systems. Dont settle for an everday boiler just beacuse there are plenty out there. Save another $20,000 in fuel over the system life and never hear the unit run


  • Jennifer_3
    Jennifer_3 Member Posts: 1
    Weil Mcclain vs. Peerless

    I am narrowing down my choices for a replacement boiler for our house with old radiators. The contractors appear equally knowledgeable, so I am wondering if there is any difference between the two brands of boilers. The Peerless guy says Weil Mcclain doesn't make a good boiler anymore, while the Weil mcclain guy obviously disagrees. Can anyone shed light on this? The estimates are for either a Peerless Ma 140k, or Weil Mcclain CGA 140k.


  • Paul Mitchell
    Paul Mitchell Member Posts: 266
    Here is what I think...

    Not familiar with peerless ma..Maybe MI? Cga Weil Mclain is a fine boiler and I have put many in, a good basic boiler. The MI Peerless is a fine boiler also. Put many of those in. Warranties are the same from both companies. Both are easy for future service, not alot of bells and whistles to break. So the moral of the story is...Pick the contractor you are most comfortable with. I assume you have checked them both out a little. One thing to check is how they handle after hours calls. Warranties are great if you can get someone. Call them both tonight at 9:00pm and see what or who you get. Hope I answered your question.

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  • Mark Hunt
    Mark Hunt Member Posts: 4,909
    Gotta be MI

    Both companies make good products.

    With all do respect to both manufacturers, there isn't a much difference in the design of the two boilers. I will say this though. If you kick a CG boiler, it will fall over. Kick an MI, and your going to the hospital with a broken foot.

    As the previous poster said, you need to have confidence in the contractor that will install the system. A chain is only as strong as the weakest link. Both of the boilers you mentionewd are good products, but if the installing contractor is no smarter than the cast iron the boiler is made from, you will NOT be happy with the finished product.

    Engineering excellence from the manufacturer ends at the loading dock, after that it's all up to the contractor.

    Hope this helps!!

    Mark H

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  • Dan m_2
    Dan m_2 Member Posts: 15

    make sure the Weil guy understands the sensativaty of the boiler to cool return water. My first weil gv5 only lasted 6 years because of a poor piping job by the installer (resulting in the boiler condensating and ruining itself). Weil made some changes to the new boilers to help better protect them but if simple mystakes are made in piping ( primary /secondary stuff) look out !

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