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The Oil Tech Talk/Brookhaven Meeting of the minds workshop..

Ok, I hope you'll understand this has to be on a first come first serve basis. It's the only way to be fair about it. We only have room for 15 Participants.<BR><BR>This very special event is being coordinated by Oil Tech Talk and Brookhaven National Labs.<BR><BR>We will start the day early, meeting for a continental breakfast at the hotel. From there we will head straight to Brookhaven where my good friend Tom Bucher will be our host. We will have another tour like we did last year and Tom will bring us up to speed on what projects have moved forward and any new projects going on.<BR><BR>Speaking of new projects this is the highlight of what we'll be discussing. Toms going to introduce us to the Hermann Modulating Oil Burner from Germany. After a brief demonstration we will move into the conference room where we will get an in depth look at what this burner has to offer and how brookhaven sees it fitting into the future of the Oilheating Industry. You'll also be supplied with your own personal copies of the most current reports written by Tom, on this Burner.<BR><BR><center><img src="http://oiltechtalk.com/pics/Herrmann Modulating Burner.JPG"></center><BR><BR>Around Noon time we will head to lunch provided by Oil Tech Talk and after lunch we'll begin a meeting of our own. Yes, This is where you get a chance to become a part of this burners future. As fellow technicians and professionals we will have a round table type of discussion of what we think this burner can do for the future of our industry and what we would like it to do! We'll talk about what applications we see being the most prudent in our professional opinions.<BR><BR>I like to keep things positive but like with any other products that are developed there will always be pro's and con's we'll discuss that too. We will do our best to identify the negatives and offer some potential solutions.<BR><BR>During this time Oil Tech Talk has arranged for minuets of this meeting to be taken with those minutes I'll produce our own report that each of us will receive a copy of and it will be submitted to Brookhaven in an effort for all of us to continue being a part of the betterment of our industry. How cool is that. <BR><BR>Tom and I have also made arrangements to have one of these burners sent to me for some field testing. My dear brother Andrew has agreed to assist me in this project so we will also include any data we record, with the group that joins Oil Tech Talk for this very special mind melting meeting!<BR><BR>This event will begin May 4th 2004 at the Hampton Inn Long Island - Brookhaven Exit 63 Off the LI Expressway. 2000 North North Ocean Ave. Farmingville, NY 11738<BR><BR>If you need a room the night before you can call the Hampton Inn at (631) 732 7300<BR><BR>I've reserved a block of rooms for the low rate of $129.00 + tax Just mention you're with the Oil Tech Talk Group!The reservation cut-off date is April 3, 2004<BR><BR>Imagine telling your grandchild that you took part in making that burner a reality and that it was all in the interest of making the world around them a better place! <BR><BR>"The Knowledge we share today will make a better industry tomorrow"<BR><SP><BR><BR><HR><BR>----------------------------------------------------cut along dotted line----------------------------------<BR><BR><BR><BR>Registration for "The Oil Tech Talk/Brookhaven Meeting of the minds"<BR><BR> in Farmingville, NY. On May, 4th 2004: Cost $150.00<BR><BR><BR><BR>Company Name______________________________________________________<BR><BR><BR>Mailing Address________________________________________<BR><BR><BR>City ___________________________________________<BR><BR>State __________ Zip____________<BR><BR><BR>Phone # (_____)_____________Fax# (_____)_________<BR><BR>email_____________________<BR><BR><BR>Profession (HVAC, Home Inspection, WX, Fuel Oil Co, Other)___________________________<BR><BR><BR>How did you hear about this seminar? ___Advertisement___Mail___Word of Mouth___Other<BR>To register, please mail this form with payment.<BR><BR><BR><BR>Make check ($150.00) payable to: <BR>Oil Tech Talk<BR>123 N. 2nd. Street<BR>Catawissa, PA. 17820<BR><BR>Or Now you can <a
40aol.com&undefined_quantity=1&item_name= The Oil Tech Talk/Brookhaven Meeting of the minds workshop&item_number=001&amount=150.00&no_note=1&currency_co
de=USD">Register here for the Oil Tech Talk/Brookhaven Meeting of the minds workshop </a>

Your friend in the industry,<BR>Alan R. Mercurio<BR><BR><a href="http://oiltechtalk.com">Oil Tech Talk</a>
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