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NY Code and Hazardous Equipment

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We received a call last night from an absentee landlord for a no heat call on a natural gas furnace. The landlord did not agree to our terms so we did not respond. At the end of today we received another call from the landlord who drove 5 hours (From Bethpage to upstate NY) to get here and could not figure out was wrong with the furnace.

We arrived at the two family home to be greeted by the landlord and a tenant. The problem was a cracked heat exchanger which was causing rollout. The safety switches worked and no one died. I looked at the second furnace and found the same problem.

Both furnaces were shut down.

The landlord became hostile. He signed off on the paperwork which stated the furnaces were shut down. I was not hired to replace the furnaces. It was a money ( He did not like the price) problem. He was advised that the weather was going to be well below 0 and he should locate some electric heaters until repairs can be made. He stated that he was not going to buy any electric heaters.

I notified codes of the problem. The codes inspector will do a follow up.

To be honest the threat of CO poisoning was very real and felt that I could do no more then I have already. I have often felt that contractors needed more bite in the form of codes to help ensure that the needed repairs we find are done in a professional and safe manner.

This took over an hour to find.

In a nut shell we must shut them down and the only person who can sign off is the building inspector. This will insure that the repairs will at least meet code


Here it is. I hope it helps

Fire Code State of NY.
Should apply anywhere in the state except NY City

603.7 Discontinuing operation of unsafe heating appliances. The
operation of any existing stove, oven, furnace, incinerator, boiler or any
other heat-producing device or appliance found to be defective shall be
prohibited. The defective device shall remain withdrawn from service until
all necessary repairs or alterations have been made.

§F603.7.1 Unauthorized operation. It shall be a violation of this code
for any person, user, firm or agent to continue the utilization of any
device or appliance - the operation of which has been discontinued or
ordered discontinued in accordance with §F603.7, unless written
authority to resume operation is given by the code enforcement official.
Removing or breaking the means by which operation of the device is
prevented shall be a violation of this code.
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