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underground piping insulation

Tim_18 Member Posts: 6
Hi gang, I'm ice fishing on expieriances for insulating heat transfer pipes from outdoor boiler to the house. Every body and their broter has a commrnt on the subject, but I prefer some professional opinions. I have to go about 130 feet, rocks in spots will prevent deep trenching. I inquired about ecoflex insulated pipe, but they want about 15.00 per lin foot up here in canada. a little pricey for me at the moment. Any practical ideas will be most welcome.


  • S Davis
    S Davis Member Posts: 491

    I have insulated HePex tubing and pulled it through 3" or 4" corrugated drain pipe, only problem is I think the corrugated pipe is in 100' rolls.

    S Davis
  • hr
    hr Member Posts: 6,106
    The product I use and sell

    can be seen at this location


    If they don't list what you are looking for give them a call. Seems they will insulate and cover just about any pipe.

    I use the 3" sch 40 PVC model. It will accept two 1" PAP lines and a 1/2" for some wiring options.

    InsulSeal has a nice cover jacket (blast hole liner material) to waterproof the insulation layer.

    hot rod

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  • Jack, CVMS
    Jack, CVMS Member Posts: 81
    Around here...

    (one of the colder parts of Alaska) whenever we have to insulate a sewer line or something like you're describing we lay down pieces of 2" extruded foam board, install the ABS on top of that, then have the whole thing spray-foamed with urethane foam. It's strong, well insulated, and pretty much waterproof.
    Depending on the size line you're dealing with, you could possibly use 4" ABS. Insulate the supply line, or you'll find that that 130' of line becomes a heat exchanger between supply and return.
  • Dave_8
    Dave_8 Member Posts: 49

    I am with Hot Rod here, we use the insulseal all the time. On some jobs, due to soil conditions it is buried less than six inches to the top of the insulseal and we have NEVER seen any snow melt over the trench area. We have even laid it on TOP of the ground for temporary instalations and had it work perfectly!
  • DaveGateway
    DaveGateway Member Posts: 568

    Tim check out this web site they have some nice pipe insulation just for this application! When you get the web site click on installation.
  • Mark Wolff
    Mark Wolff Member Posts: 256

    What about arctic pipe!
  • Jack, CVMS
    Jack, CVMS Member Posts: 81
    Arctic Pipe

    Too expensive for most residential or small commercial applications. If we're going first class (or above the frostline) we strap EMT to the ABS, wrap it all with heavy duty aluminum foil, and the bring the EMT up to where it's accessible. That way we can thread heat tape into it, and change it if it ever becomes necessary.

    The way the ground shifts here (permafrost) even arctic pipe will come apart sometimes. The ABS/foam seems to flex better.
  • Mark Wolff
    Mark Wolff Member Posts: 256
    Way to use the kidneys!

    I like that idea. I am all for future replacement of electrical lines. The house I am planning to build will have EMT run everywhere for wiring upgrades years down the road. You can't overkill with electrical.
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