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Oil tank replacement advice please.

Mark_24 Member Posts: 9
I have a really old 1,000 gallon exterior above ground oil tank. It's starting to suck sludge. I want to replace it with a new tank and put it in my basement. I'm thinking of two or three 275 gallon tanks, cause I have to fit them inside the basement door. What type of tank should I be looking for? What's the best way to connect them together? Where can I buy such a tank?


  • DIY Homeowner
    DIY Homeowner Member Posts: 48

    Check out the roth tanks. These are the latest and greatest in oil storage.


    Regarding quantity, this will be specified by local regulations, generally the fire department or fire marshall, as to how much oil can be stored in your basement.

    The way they are connected will generally also be specified by the local fire marshall. In my area, multiple tanks must have seperate fills and vents, and are connect through the feed lines.

    Tanks can be purchased from a plumbing supply wholesaler. Whether they will sell them to you is another matter. Check the yellow pages.

    The bottom line is, talk to the fire marshall whne you pull your permit for the new tanks. A permit is pretty much ALWAYS required to do what you want to do.

    Although I am an avid DIYer, I would never consider DIYing this job. I would consider purchasing the tanks and moving them into position, but I would leave the fill/vent piping and the fuel feed line connection up to an experienced professional. There are many specific requirements to this kind of work, especially with multiple tanks, and it would be easy to get one aspect or another of this job wrong.

    Trust me. You don't want an oil leak in your basement.
  • scrook_2
    scrook_2 Member Posts: 610
    275 or 330 gal

    Another alternative, if they'll fit and if you go w/ single wall steel oblong tanks vs double walled Roth/DeHoust tanks, would be a pair of 330's (72") vs. a pair of 275's (60").

    If you go w/ steel tanks, put plastic tank spill trays under them too. Last try to use up as much of the oil in the old tank, you don't want to transfer the old sludgy oil to the new tank(s) if you can help it.

    see: http://www.granbytanks.com/ for dimensions, specs and other info on oil tanks
  • Mark_24
    Mark_24 Member Posts: 9

    Great info and spec sheet. Just what I needed. Now, where do I get prices and who sells them? Local suppliers? Anyone on the net?

  • DIY Homeowner
    DIY Homeowner Member Posts: 48

    If it's the Roths that interest you, contact them. They should be able to direct you to a local supplier or otherwise tell you if they will sell directly to you. Their web site lists both a phone # and an email address.

    A large item like a tank would prolly be quite expensive to ship directly to your house. Your local option consists of calling the plumbing supply houses listed in the yellow pages and see if they have what you want, if they will sell to you, and how much the wqill charge.

    Perhaps if you are in RI you could drive down to the Roth distributer in Kingston and buy direct.

    These tanks are not cheap. What is your budget?
  • Dave DeFord
    Dave DeFord Member Posts: 119
    Do you really need a new tank?

    From your message it sounds like you existing tank may just need to be cleaned - probably a much cheaper alternative to replacement. You might also think about the advisability of putting several hundred gallons of flamable liquid in your basement. I would definitely have a chat with my insurance company, the local fire marshall and if you can find one someone who currrently has oil tanks in their basement. From info on the Roth website you have a big moving job in front of you as their tanks weigh over 300#. BTW I just removed a 275 gal. tank from my basement and it was a pretty tight fit through an outside (root cellar type) entrance. If you have to bring the tank in through the house it's going to be tough sledding. Just some things to think about before you lay down your hard-earned cash.
  • Tom M.
    Tom M. Member Posts: 237
    Talk to your oil company

    If you have a full service company, they probably do replacements all the time. We have regular suppliers, a removal contractor, licenses, insurance, and we know the codes and the local inspectors. I'm sure your company will have a number of options for your particular situation. If you have an average sized house, don't live too far from a main road, and you don't have a treacherous driveway, then a 275 or 330 will usually suffice. If putting it in the basement is a problem, Oil Storage Solutions has a Tank Tub that looks great, protects the tank from weather, and has 110% secondary containment for a 330 tank. Used in conjunction with a Tigerloop and HOT oil treatment, they are a good alternative to a basement tank. Just some thoughts.

    Tom M.

    http://www.oilstoragesolutions.com/Tank Tub.htm
  • David_5
    David_5 Member Posts: 250
    Roth tanks don't weigh over 300 lbs

    2 people will have no problem lifting a tank. There is nothing unsafe about storing oil in your basement. This has been a standard practice for years.

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