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Just in time

Mark Wolff
Mark Wolff Member Posts: 256
Looks good. I guess the only thing he'll be wishing for this Christmas is a couple more lumps of coal! Just attach a note saying you know he wasn't bad.


  • Tony_8
    Tony_8 Member Posts: 608
    for Christmas !

    Mr. Mullen said all he wanted was his garage floor warm ! I told him Santa takes checks and cash :)

    Poor guy's been waiting for "the other guy" since MARCH.

    He really didn't know what things cost, and he swallowed hard a time or two, but he felt confident I was going to do it right. He had no idea what VSI is, but that's what he got. I'd love to see his face when he sees it, his company sent him to Spain two days before we started and he's coming back tomorrow, we fired it up today.

    Tekmar 361, Taco 007's, coal-fired boiler(he purchased), 6-200ft loops of 1/2" B-pex in 8" of concrete over 2" of blueboard. We just made it "run", he did the tubing. His passion seems to be Toyota mini trucks, don't know why he felt he needed 8" of concrete:)

    15 deg DT across boiler, 30 deg across floor. COLD mass of crete on startup, about 40F or so. Boiler started at 194 and went to 135 in 15 minutes. Took 1-1/2 hours to regain to 145 (on return).

    Next up right after the New Year, a new boiler for an old vapor system.
  • nice work..

    you actually put in a coal fired boiler...im jealous....nice work
  • Tony_8
    Tony_8 Member Posts: 608

    He got back and is full of questions. I think he's going to be an excellent reference to add to my portfolio.
  • David Sutton_3
    David Sutton_3 Member Posts: 160
    Way to go Tony

    i think we have gone full circle back to coal ;)

    thats a fine job!!...David
  • bob young
    bob young Member Posts: 2,177

    now all you need is an automatic stoker to complete the package. that boiler sure looks naked without controls.
  • Mechanic
    Mechanic Member Posts: 43

    Just curious.. how tall is the chimney?
  • Greg Roder
    Greg Roder Member Posts: 6
    Where's the LWCO?

    There are any number of codes and standards that state there MUST be a means of low water protection if the radiation is below the level of the boiler. Don't see one on the system in the pictures.
  • paul lessard_2
    paul lessard_2 Member Posts: 192
    what would you cut off greg?

    my question is what happens if you lose power? another question is what does that chain on that relief valve looking thing do? ok last one what temp is the domestic hot water? looks like a fun job!
  • Earthfire
    Earthfire Member Posts: 543
    coal boiler

    Looks like its hand stoked. Did you glycol the system or is there someone there to stoke the fire when the owner goes out of town. Think you maybe installing a conversion burner for next season. By the way is that an uninsulatted pole building ( after looking at the boiler rm. walls)?
  • Greg Roder
    Greg Roder Member Posts: 6
    Don't Know?

    Your guess would be as good as mine. For this application (hand stoked coal fired hot water boiler) you might want to have it signal an alarm buzzer of some sort.
  • Tony_8
    Tony_8 Member Posts: 608

    Boiler is hand fed, nut coal is what they're using. No stoker is available to my knowledge.

    LWCO wouldn't cut off anything, no electric controls to fire. Besides, a solid fuel unit ALWAYS has a fire, it just throttles back some. Notice the supply piping off the top, that will trap H2O in the boiler and the Spirovent will vent the steam IF it gets that far.

    The "relief valve looking thing with the chain" is the draft regulator. The rod goes up and down according to boiler temp, opening and closing the intake draft damper. It's known to me as a "Calorstat". It maintains a minimum temp as solid fuel always overruns high limits. I usually set them at about 160F. It's maintaining about 180 steadily right now. Since the mix temp is 120 until he gets the building insulated, and cooler then, 180 should be adequate. He also is going to have us pipe a HX into his house FA this summer, 180 should still do it.

    No glycol. 8" of concrete will take days to get down to freezing. Mixing circ will keep it moving also. Lots of family and friends to support a fire if need be, judging by the audience that has gathered so far. BIG firebox too, at least 6 drywall buckets full. I don't know how many lbs that is but it lasts overnight easily.

    Chimney is 4 ft horizontal and 18 ft vertical.

    Domestic coil is rated at 4GPM, we'll see. Only using it for washing the car right now.

    This is my 1st dedicated coal unit. I've done a few wood units and a few combos. Most combos are junk on backup fuel and wood is very particular to control. I'm impressed with the controllability of coal.

  • Wethead7
    Wethead7 Member Posts: 170
    Good work

    The only question I have is do you know the name of the boiler maker. Any other information would be good too.
    I have several custoomer lokking into solid fuel products. We have found any we like.

    The piping looks good

  • Tony_8
    Tony_8 Member Posts: 608
    this one

    says DR Stoves on the front. I think the customer said it's Amish built in PA. I can find out. The best solid fuel boilers I've worked on is HS Tarm (my opinion).
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