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Testing a Gorton

Dave_23 Member Posts: 190
Any suggestions on how I might test a Gorton #2, in service, to determine if it is opening or not. My concern is that it is too hot, therefore may not be opening after heating cycle is complete, or possible not in time for next cycle. My ambient environment is 110 degrees F or more, near the ceiling, above the boiler. Again, any *easy* test I might perform?


  • Mark Eatherton1
    Mark Eatherton1 Member Posts: 2,542
    How 'bout...

    taking a small balloon and attaching it to the vents
    outlet? It will probably blow it off, but that would indicate it is venting correctly. Near the end of the venting cycle, and after the steam has condensed, it should suck the ballon flat. I dunno, maybe someone else has a better idear.

  • we put a valve off a tee to the main vents..

    real handy when troubleshooting..open the valve, if you get a wosh, then you dont have enough venting or your vent is closed..also lets you see if steam is in the return.
  • Superb

    I was thinking a hose into a glass of water from the vent outlet.

  • Fred Harwood
    Fred Harwood Member Posts: 261
    Measuring venting

    While perhaps a bit of work, measuring relative venting performance is not difficult. On the side of the main vent cast-iron fitting, drill and tap a 1/8th NPT hole. Connect a 1/8th npt-to-barb fitting, and press on a 3-foot piece (if a vapor system, longer if not) of clear plastic tubing. Droop the tubing into a U, half fill with water.
    As the boiler cycles, measure the water column height differences in inches. In this way you can see just how much pressure (at 28 inches of water per PSI) remains in the main as you try different vents or configurations of vents. If a vent does not open, you'll see it right away.
    Plug the hole when you're done.
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