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3/4\" trinity

mark_20 Member Posts: 9
I was looking at installing a Munchkin 199 for a radiant heat project (4500 sq ft home). My supplier told me it is on backorder for two months and suggested a Trinity 200. I have a concern about the 3/4" supply and return and how it will effect the system. Any thoughts?


  • Starch
    Starch Member Posts: 102
    I just...

    ...installed my first Trinity last week. I, too, was a bit surprised by the 3/4" connections on first glance, but upon thoroghly analyzing the makeup of this boiler, decided I was comfortable with it.

    The biggest thing you need to do is to make sure you have proper flow through the boiler. The installation manual specifies the head loss of the boiler itself, along with the required flow rate. Just add your piping losses to that, and make sure you properly size the circulator. IMHO, primary-secondary is the way to go, with the boiler in series with the primary loop.

    Overall, I was very impressed with the Trinity - see my post below. Good luck,

  • Dan Peel
    Dan Peel Member Posts: 431
    Trinity flow

    Use Primary-Secondary with a 0011 or 26-99 and you'll get the flow. Piping will make or break your job. Enjoy...Dan

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  • Starch
    Starch Member Posts: 102
    Here's a pic...

    ...of my shop boiler.

  • Brian
    Brian Member Posts: 285

    Hi Mark
    What I do is increase piping to 1" right away going into the primary loop.It just seems easier to work with.

    Good Luck
  • mark_20
    mark_20 Member Posts: 9

    Thanks for the info and especially the pictures they really help. Since i have not yet heard any negative response I think the trinity may be the way i go.
    Thanks again
  • Earthfire
    Earthfire Member Posts: 543
    199 munchy

    Contact Marc at Radiant Heat Supply 610 466 7875. I believe that he has them in stock.
  • Marc Sherby_2
    Marc Sherby_2 Member Posts: 10
    199 Munchkin


    I have 199 Munchkins in stock.

    Marc Sherby
    Radiant Heat Supply
    610-466-7875 FAX
  • Dave Stroman
    Dave Stroman Member Posts: 763

    I use lots of Trinty's. Very little problems. It really is a copy of a chipmunk, same heat exchanger, although HTP will tell you that Trinty uses a smaller exchanger that the Munchkins do. Primary/secondary is a must, and I use flow switch on every one. At our elevation (5280 ft) a combustion analyzer was needed to get it to burn right. These boilers come with built in outdoor reset and DHW priority. My local supplier can not keep them in stock they sell so many of them.
    Dave Stroman,
    Stroman Plumbing and Heating,
    Dave Stroman
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