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blow down

why does my users manual for my boiler make no mention of blowing down the boiler and almost all technicians tell me it must be done periodically??? some say weekly, some say monthly, my manual says nothing??? I have a weil-mclain EG 55.any help here?


  • kevin coppinger_4kevin coppinger_4 Member Posts: 2,124
    if you have a steam boiler....

    it should be done every week to 10 days during the heating might not say it the boiler manual because there are several different types of Low Water cutoffs. Depending on which model came w/ the boiler would determine which piece of seperate literature came w/ the would be a seperate owners manual, prob. from McDonald-Miller...hope this helps...kpc

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  • Firedragon_4Firedragon_4 Member Posts: 1,436
    If it has a flush valve the OEM's say

    once a week. Try to do it with the burner running to make sure the float does drop. If it's a probe type, no flush valve it has to be inspected and cleaned once a year.
  • Dave MerkleinDave Merklein Member Posts: 61

    It is the probe type and I was going to install a blow down valve is this a bad thing???? It has a VXT programable water feed.
  • Are they talking about skimming the boiler ?

    The blowdown is usually located on a float type low water cutoff . Since you said you have a probe type , they might mean a skim valve . Can you give us the make and model number of the LWCO ?

    Since there is no blowdown on a probe LWCO , you will want to check the probe itself at least once a year for buildup of crud on the inside and to make sure it actually cuts off on low water .
  • Dave MerkleinDave Merklein Member Posts: 61

    safgaurd model 400 LWCO. I was instructed to replace my drain valve. with a proper blow down valve ?
  • Dave MerkleinDave Merklein Member Posts: 61

    so no blow down on a probe type LWCO, just a once a year cleaning and inspection??
  • kevin coppinger_4kevin coppinger_4 Member Posts: 2,124
    Who said to replace the valve?

    If what they meant was the boiler drain on the boiler bottom , you could put in a ball valve type..1/4 turn type. Just the annual service will do. kpc

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  • Boilerpro_3Boilerpro_3 Member Posts: 1,231
    There are 2 types of blowdown on steam boilers

    One for a float type Lwco and another for the boiler. The bottom of the float chamber has a blowdown valve and a properly installed boiler will have a 1 to 1 1/2 inch full port ball valve ( 1/4 turn) to blow off any sediment on the bottom of the boiler. Float chambers usually should be blown down once a week. For boilers it depends on how much junk is coming back off the system. Once a month or less is often fine, once the boiler has been in for a year or so.

    A skim valve is up near the top to skim off oil on top of the water. This is also as needed.. mostly when the boiler of system is new.

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