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help help help i need help

mike92 Member Posts: 3
i have an old american standard furnace and a b&g 100 circulator pump the tag on the inside says it is from 1960.the input is 90,000 and the output is 90,000.the original was the piping was run was i had a 1"3/4 pipe that ran down the center of my house and at the end it branched off to 3/4" to the left and to the right side of the house and y'd back into the return side of the furnace.at the end of the loop the the rooms didn't get hot.so i cut the piping down and made it to zones using honeywell zone valves.since i have done that i have had nothing but problems.for starters i the rooms just don't seem to get hot any more.i can hear the pipes filling up and i keep bleeding them but it doen't seem to work.on the baseboard there are no bleeders so i end up bleeding it from the manifold just after the zone valves.i have tried shutting one side off i have tried them both open same thing.

1.i was told since i have such a problem with air i should install a spiral bleeder.is that a good idea.if so where does it get mounted.

2. should i install bleeders on the end of each baseboard.would it help.

3. i was also going to install a new expansion tank and a new auto fill valve. the old tank is a long cylinder type.with the new one do i install horizontal or vertical.

4. when the heat turns on inside my baseboard i get alot of binging and ticking and this didn't happen till i changed the system.can anything be done

5. the last question the pressure i am reading off my furnace is 24 pounds is that to high.my temp guage reads about 180'.

any help with these questions would be greatly appreciated.i would call a pro but i just can't afford it


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