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Banging Pipes

ek Member Posts: 1
I am a two story 3000 sq ft home. It has a gas boiler with baseboard hot water heat. It is two zones. The upstairs is banging alot. When the heat kicks on i hear the pipes expanding and banging against either eachother or the flooring. Either way the pipes are not accessible. Are their any other ways to stop the noise.
I have blead the system both professionally and by myself. The last hvac guy said that their wasn't enough pressure coming through the autofill to properly bleed. With the valve all the way open and the end of the system open we were only getting 15lbs of pressure.

any thoughts


  • Al Letellier
    Al Letellier Member Posts: 781
    banging pipes

    Assusming you have sufficient incoming pressure, change the autofill. You should power purge with as much pressure as possible under the safety setting (normally 30 PSI)
    If the fast fill can't produce more than 15 PSI, it's not working correctly

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  • SteveB
    SteveB Member Posts: 19

    I would be looking at the aquastat and temperature of the boiler, it sounds like a combination of excessive temperature and low pressure
  • Dave_16
    Dave_16 Member Posts: 51
    It sounds to me..........

    That you have a filtrol set-up, where there is a certain type valve placed between the air scoop and expansion tank, if that's the case you'll never get nore then 15 psi, if thats the case remove the filtrol and install a pressure reducing valve
  • ekodish
    ekodish Member Posts: 23

    The boiler is set to 190 degrees.
    there is a autofill gauge on it and the pressure of the system is around 18psi hot.

    I am pulling my hair out as the banging pipes are keeping me up at night.

    This morning , I tried to bleed the system again. I opened and closed the valve waiting for the pressure to be around 28psi.

    Are there any other remedies besides bleeding. I am almost ready to replace the whole thing with forced hot air.

  • Dan_12
    Dan_12 Member Posts: 9

    Has this banging noise always happened or has some thing changed, does it change during different outdoor temps.
  • Mike Kuntz
    Mike Kuntz Member Posts: 4
    banging pipes

    Are you removing any air when you do try to purge the system? Has anyone checked the expansion tank to see if it is water logged or the blader has burst?
  • ekodish
    ekodish Member Posts: 23

    it absolutely changes depending on outside temps. It shifts around too. Sometimes it bangs in one spot only. Now it is banging in rooms where it never banged before. Right now it is banging in almost every room.

    We have only been in the house 10 months but i can't believe the previous owner lived with it like this.
  • ekodish
    ekodish Member Posts: 23

    I had a hvac guy out. To check out the bladder all he did was knock on it. I asked if there was another way to check if it was okay and he said no.
  • Earthfire
    Earthfire Member Posts: 543

    Check the find a pro link for your area. Taping on the expansion tank is not the way to check an expansion tank, if waterlogged. Where are you located? I'm sure if you can't find anyone on the pro link some one here is in your area.
  • ekodish
    ekodish Member Posts: 23

    I tried before. But the only guy was about an hour away. To pricy to come all the way out.
  • Earthfire
    Earthfire Member Posts: 543
    so where are you located?

  • ekodish
    ekodish Member Posts: 23

    New Jersey. Right next to great adventure.
  • Earthfire
    Earthfire Member Posts: 543
    travel time

    A trip charge is reasonable in that area. Having grown up in Philly, and at one time having worked in central and south Jersey, I know that there isn't much in your area that doesn't involve a one hour + trip. If you can't find someone knowledgeable local I'd got with one of the guys in Jersey.
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