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pipe leak and mold

just think if the sewer had backed up!

Two things right off the top. First, if I was going in for a short time, it would be with an R95 mask and sealed eye protection. If I were to work there for a longer time, OSHA recommends hepa filtered air to a full face respirator. Do bunny suits still come in cool colors (remember the Intel ad)?

Second, I'd drop a dime on this one. Someone has to protect the next renter, and that's the health department It's their job and if they won't do it, the local media would love the story...

As for mold mitigation, the paper in the gyp board is great mold food, so it all has to go. More importantly, every nook and cranny has to get down to a low enough humidity level before the place is habiltable. This is serious, and there should be pros who know how to take care of the problems and themselves handling this. If you're interested I'll dig up some of the more useful sites I've found.

Please take care of yourself first and get the health department to take care of the rest.



  • Bruce_6
    Bruce_6 Member Posts: 67
    got mold??!!

    was at a house this AM that had flooded. 250,000+ gallons of water!! house had been vacant for several weeks, and no one knows how long the water had been running.

    what do you guys do about mold issues???

    The mold was so bad, it was burning my eyes! the "clean up" crew wasn't going to replace the sheetrock that was obviously ruined, they said it would dry out.

    how do you stop the mold growth under the sheetrock??

    The house is a rental unit, and the owner just wants it rented ASAP, obviously not caring about the poor fellow that will be renting the house!

    for those that do mold remediation, what would you advise?

    I would hate to see the water bill, city said they are going to charge for the water!
  • Jerry's right

    call the health dept...mold will grow anywhere that is moist for 48 hours...if he wants to save the studs, he had better get the drywall off quickly..tho it may be to late..the surfaces with mold have to be capable of being scrubbed with a 10% bleach solution..can drywall be wet scrubbed?? obviously not..as the old standard sanitary motto went- the plumber protects the health of the nation--
    whenever i'm in a mental dilemma i fall back on that for guidance..
  • BillW@honeywell
    BillW@honeywell Member Posts: 1,099
    The drywall HAS to go....

    There is no way to dry out or decontaminate wet sheetrock! If they don't replace it completely, dump the job.
  • Bruce_6
    Bruce_6 Member Posts: 67
    thanks guys

    I have repaired the leak, but won't be going back, the darn mold was burning my eyes!!

    usually don't like to touch anything with mold, but sometimes we get into it wether we want to or not!

    there was a carpet guy there today, the place has not dried out enough, but its no longer my problem, and I defenately will be telling everyone not to rent the place because of the mold!

    what a nightmare, and the poor guy that does rent it is going to have trouble with mold! I sure hope they don't get any of the deadly black stuff!!
  • oh they will-

    that mold grows great--someone will get sued for sure if the tenant gets sick..not to alarm you, but i'd cover my butt by sending the owner a certified letter instructing him/her of the dangers of ''excessive'' mold..if it were me i'd also send a registered letter to the board of health also...cause a lawyer will sue anyone who touched that job,,they will say your the pro, you should have known better..thats what lawyers do..if we were lawyers we would do the same..cover your butt with a letter..just my paranoid opinion.
  • Bruce_6
    Bruce_6 Member Posts: 67

    goodness I work for someone else!
    it's not my problem anymore, I did try!

    I did tell the boss, he just stated he didn't have anything to do with it, and wasn't going to notify anyone!

    not how I would run the business, but I don't own it, it is now in their laps!
  • you did your job.

    if your boss doesnt want to follow up its his cross to bear..i'm glad you were concerned tho..
  • Joel_3
    Joel_3 Member Posts: 166

    And we all know what those letters stand for don't we? Lawyers new saying is," Asbestos is old but mold is Gold" to late for you to refuse to work there but unless the house was gutted that's what we'd do. send the letters as the others advised. if a Lawyer gets in there they will try and sue everyone who ever touched the place , your protection is proper documentation.

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  • yup, Joel is right

    nothing stops you from sending a letter or calling the board of health..dont even tell the boss..just do it..tell the board of health you want to stay anonamous..
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