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Sheet Metal Layout Manual

Bud_14Bud_14 Member Posts: 200
Why Buy The Forgotten Art of Sheet Metal Layout Manual?
Because you want to start learning the correct way to layout sheet metal.
Because the cost is more affordable than any other resource of it's kind today.
Because you can purchase the manual and have access for the entire shop.
Because your very much interested in reading the material we have and continue to add to our members area from leaders of the trade 100 plus years ago.
Because you wish to support a site for the industry…that will help make your employees more proficient at their job in many areas as it pertains to layout.
Because it's been some time since you've finished your schooling and want to refresh your pattern development skills.
Because your already proficient in the trade and you would like to contribute some knowledge so others can share your same success.
Because no other manual has a place for you to ask questions should you have a difficult time with a problem? Once they've got your money…your done! Not with us.
Because the more your employees learn and strengthen their skills in sheet metal layout, the more diversified they become with these skills. More doors open for you and your business.
Because you need some good positive reading material in the break room
Because you're looking for different ways to teach your sheet metal students.
Because many of our worksheets and drawings are in PDF format which allows you to enlarge the drawing to 300% or more. And print that area of the drawing out for a clearer understanding of that particular area. And you can store them as they are printed…
Because the above reason is very very cool and no other book offers this.
Because you finally understand…you're not just buying a book, you're buying into a vast amount of resources never before available.
Because there are computers everywhere and you can log into the members site from almost anywhere…we have manual owners from as far as Greece, all over Canada and United States, all the way down under "Australia".
Because you can search through millions of websites and not find another one like ours.
Because you're an insulator and these skills are very transferable.
Because you're the plumber that always wanted to be a sheet metal mechanic.
Because you're a wood worker, cabinetmaker, that would like to add a touch of class to their project, like a copper cap on the balustrades …or that stainless hood.
Because you're a retired sheet metal worker and still would like to be part of a special trade, maybe help mentor the new craftsman.
Because you can!
Because the real-estate on the internet is cheap! We can afford to have our worksheet several pages per problem, not several problems per page.
Because you get it all for $47.00 The Three ring binder, the 5 dividers to help orginize your free updates and the free updates for life.

Why buy it now for $40.00 (plus $7.00 shipping & handling)
Because the introductory offer of having free access to the updates for life ends very soon! Don't miss this opportunity of the free updates for life!

To learn more about the manual and it's contents stop by and while your there print out an order form so you don't forget!

Because I took up so much of Dans community board...I'll cover the postage!(US and Canada orders only)You just have to let me know you seen it here on Dans website. Free shipping not available on paypal orders :(

Thank you for your time..hope to see you stop by!

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