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Burnham XG 2005

Recent problems with boiler led to replacing the ignition control. With the control replaced the boiler has continued to run to over 190 degrees with the pressure approaching 30 lbs. I pulled the mv connection so the circulator would continue to run. So where's the high temp limit and will the circulator continue to run after the burner shuts off normally ? Seems the the boiler is either all the way on or all the way off with no circulator operation. I don't have any service info. Also I think this happened and damaged what I think is the flame rollout sensor; I've got that bypassed while I'm watching. Can't locate a replacement.


  • kevin coppinger_4
    kevin coppinger_4 Member Posts: 2,124
    Did you

    Burnham? Go to, click on the technical area and then on the repair parts area...Glen Stanton from burnham hangs out here every one a a while, if he can't help/direct you no one can....kc

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  • Question.......

    Are you getting the heat out to the system while all of this is occuring? The XG2000 has a built-in bypass with a thermostatic element that will activate or deactivate based on water temperature in the system. If this has failed in the mode where there is no flow through the boiler and all of the flow is through the bypass, then the boiler may overheat. Yes, the pump will continue to operate while this is occuring because it is actuated by the thermostat(s). The element for this is available through any Burnham distributor and should be replaced by a qualified technician for safety reasons. These elements and or pumps are a part of normal maintainance of this boiler.

    If there is a failure in the ignition or operational sequence of the boiler, there is a diagnostic board on most in the fan housing on the right side of the boiler. There a number of LED's that will show the progress of the operation sequence. Wherever the lights stop lighting generally indicates where the source of the problem has occured. This board is called a GK-150 Vizlogic Module. The repair part number for the thermostatic bypass element is #80160432. This comes with a new gasket a resembles an automobile thermostat.The Flame Rollout switch is also available through any Burnham Distributor and its part # is 80160044.

    I might add that we advise to never operate an appliance with any safety devices jumped out, especially the flame rollout switch. This is a serious safety concern to the occupants and a serious liability concern to you. Hope this helps.

    Glenn Stanton

    Burnham Hydronics
  • Glen is the GK-150 still

    available. In my estimation that was one of the easiest units to troubleshoot. The sequenceing of lights and the chart made it very simple.
  • I've been carefully monitoring

    the boiler since the problems started. I've replaced the rollout switch first thing this morning. I am getting heat out of the system proerly, I think. Again my concern is the lack of a high limit on the water temperature. Am I missing it?

    Yes the circuit board lights are great to pin-point problems.
  • Yes

    It is still available as a repair part and you are right about it being easy to troubleshoot.

  • The XG 2000

    uses the same standard Honeywell high limit that most of the Burnham Gas boilers use. It is an L4080B high limit and is available as a repair part. Is the outlet pipe to the system from the boiler hot? This will determine if you have a thermostatic element problem or not. If the boiler is 180+ but that outlet pipe is not, that usually means an element problem. Hope this helps.

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