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Boiler Pict.

Moses Member Posts: 93
Hi wallies!
In my 32 years of Plumbing & Heating, I have not seen this kind of installation.Why in the world would you install a 15Lbs. expantion tank on STEAM heating system??.This mornning we went to check out a "no heat call,water coming out from all the radiators".It's amazing what you will find when walk through this job. We found 21 items that have to be corrected. From the boiler installation, gas line, condensate return lines,fresh air,etc. We gave them a itemized written report, charged them $750.00,and advised them that if we do the job, it would be detucted from price. I would post more pictures once we complete the job



  • WOW!

    simply amazing.

    Take good care of them.

  • David Sutton_3
    David Sutton_3 Member Posts: 160
    dose the extrol stop the water hammer.. ;)

    ok now thats a good selling point for why we need to read the instruction book lol lol

  • Its the little touches

    that make a job stand out , like the extra LWCO . What it's protecting at the bottom of the boiler is anyones guess , but it's the thought that counts . Hope you get this fixer Moses .
  • Steamhead
    Steamhead Member Posts: 16,719
    That Weil

    would look great with a 3-inch drop header............ Can't wait to see the "after" pics!

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  • Moses
    Moses Member Posts: 93

    This boiler was installed 7 weeks ago. It is a shame. This installer,proberly went to "university of Joe", he has no idea how a steam boiler functions,hartford loop,equlizer,etc.... I took out the "installation manual",and I showed it to the owner. I told him "all he had to do, is follow the diagram the way it is this manual".
    There is a saying "if everything else fails, read the instructions"!!!!!

  • John@Reliable_5
    John@Reliable_5 Member Posts: 76
    David, don't you know.............

    the x-troll will get psi quicker,to save fuel hehehehe!
    Just when you throught you had seen it all, John@Reliable
  • Dave_8
    Dave_8 Member Posts: 49
    how to pipe a boiler

    Just found this this morning, a no heat call also, the relief valve was leaking all over the floor and the pump was shot from amount of sludge in the system. The woman said that the valve has been leaking for three years since the "experts" had repiped the system and told her that the trail of water acrost the floor was normal "because you have to add new water to the system at all times to keep it clean". She does not want me to fix it because "without the fresh water in the system the boiler will fail shortly", she also told me that the reason there was no air in the extrol tank was "they let it all out to give the system a chance to respond quicker". Thank the gods for morons like this, they keep customers coming to us, too bad she is still beleiving what they told her and will not let us change this!!
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