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December 7, 1941

Today I would like to honor all the souls who met an untimely end at Pearl Harbor that morning. Was 9/11/01 just
repleated because of the complaceny of Americans not wanting to believe there are enemy's who want to harm us?
And even now, this minute, our proud forces are in harm's
way protecting our countries freedoms and way of life!
My realisation is now closer to home as my own son is active duty E-6 MA in the Navy. "Dad, there just isn't
much I can talk about now, but oh work is fine" I hope all
here on the wall consider our great country, mourne and honor the people who given at least part if not all of their life to it. Please display the flag if you will,
support ALL our troops! Be watchful of those that might
like to harm us. GOD BLESS AMERICA, the freedom to install
the boiler systems we love, and service the customers of our choice.
Thanks, AB


  • Mark Hunt
    Mark Hunt Member Posts: 4,909
    Remembering Pearl Harbor

    I could not believe that our local news paper stuck the story back on page 4.

    A snow storm got front page coverage. I wonder if this storm will live in infamy?

    God bless our troops all over the world.

    Mark H

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  • Steamhead
    Steamhead Member Posts: 16,719
    Some history not all of you may know

    In the late 1930s, the Japanese Ambassador to America knew of his government's plans and did his best to stop them. He was one of the very few Japanese who knew what America could do. Obviously, and unfortunately, he did not succeed. At that time, the government of Japan was so dominated by the military that no other voices were heard.

    It is important to remember that the actions of a government may not always reflect the will of the people who live under that government. History provides us with many examples of this.

    How times change. Today, Japan is a democratic nation and one of our strongest allies.

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  • Art Pittaway
    Art Pittaway Member Posts: 230
    B-29's dropped warnings

    My Dad was Gunner on a B-29 that flew out of Saipan at the end of WW2 and he brought home a leaflet that shows a picture of a group of B-29's and a printed warning for usually 3 cities that they would level one or more of them in the next few days. We flew a plane over and dropped millions of these on the 3 towns. He says it was so the Japanese could be sure to focus on the right towns to defend. Beside their country was short on TP and we supplied plenty. Usually trying to do the ethical thing. What a country!!
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